Matt Redman - 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (Official Music Video)



  • 2014-09-07T12:50:09

Matt Redman is one of my worship leaders!! Be blessed!

  • 2014-08-29T17:18:30

Getting ready for a long trip to have surgery to ease intractable pain....just the song to carry with me. Bless The Lord Oh my Soul..thank you dear daughter for sending it to me.

  • 2014-08-28T14:22:09

Your spirit is crying for the LIVING WATER that only He can pour over you. Seek Him in every momen, ask Him o come in and bring those dry bones back to life. WHERE HE IS IS YOUR TRUE HOME MY DARLING.

  • 2014-08-25T02:20:33

I'm so blessed by this song, thank you....

  • 2014-08-15T12:09:26

Lately I have been thinking some disturbing thought,my mum passing away,my father diagnosed with cancer,am living millions of miles away from loved ones and home ,though I haven't lost my faith but I can't really pray at the moment,but this song has been the bible I read,the only thing that has kept me from giving up entirely,I was taking a walk with a friend of mine who started singing it,since then it brought a little flicker of hope to my dried spirit,bless The Lord oh my

  • 2014-08-08T19:39:02

<3 ;)

  • 2014-08-07T20:52:03

Pramod Rao - This is a great worship song to enter into the presence of God. it is one of my favorite and the best songs.I love it 10 000 times. I thank Matt Redman

  • 2014-07-28T01:24:34


  • 2014-07-11T20:59:46

What a blessing this has been for me today!

  • 2014-06-13T18:41:42

Feel so blessed by this song - never ceasing to sing of God's unfailing love!

  • 2014-06-07T03:30:34

Words can not cover the kinds of feelings this song brings to me. Two years ago my father who is not a believe died. As he laid in death bed, I played this song with the hope that maybe just maybe this song would reach him. By this time, he was pretty much none responsive to things around him. so I hope the spirit of this song reach down into his soul. Only GOD knows if it did.

  • 2014-06-01T18:28:21

Absolutely love this song. So blessed by it. Amen.

  • 2014-05-31T15:07:30

this is one of several of my 4 year old's favorite songs! Everytime it comes on the radio, she's singing it!

  • 2014-05-26T04:18:53

wow Matt Redman , that was just wonderful ..... thank you for blessing me with your music .... God Bless you

  • 2014-05-24T01:43:24

Nothing gets me through the day like this song. Bless The Lord O My Soul... Hallelujah!!!

  • 2014-05-23T06:21:08


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