Matthew West - Forgiveness: Mother Forgives Drunk Driver Who Killed Her Daughter



  • 2012-07-17T13:04:08

forgiveness really does make you free and knowing that god forgives you as well just makes it all the better to keep doing it"}.

  • 2012-07-17T03:41:21

love this song. I, like brother Dollar say forgive or go to hell. I can back it up with scripture. Its plain and serious. Read what Jesus said about this topic. Love you Brother West. I hope people yield to this prophetic word/command from God. I don't want to say it please read it. MATTHEW 6:14-15. Profound its in MATTHEW.

  • 2012-07-14T19:55:00

YOU amaze me, Julie. I know I lost my son and I'll never get over that, but you and Carl and your family are living day by day with dealing with the horrific results of someone seriously injured by a drunk driver. I am so relieved and glad that Carl survived but sad also at how this has changed everything in life for him and for you. I feel uplifted just at how you are able to still do what you do and sometimes when I feel low, I think of you, carrying on despite your heavy burden. .... Forgiveness is good, but people still need to stop drinking and driving and phoning and speeding and running red lights, etc., etc., because I don't want others to go through what my family is going through due to death or what yours is going through due to devastating injuries. Plus... I worry that someday I may have to go through it again (lightning can strike twice in the same place).

  • 2012-07-14T09:07:51

your a very strong women Kristi!

  • 2012-07-14T05:27:10

Thanks for sending this to me, Loren. That's a wonderful story... I'm going to figure out how I can get it to benefit me.

  • 2012-07-14T05:22:26

This is an inspiring story. I'd heard the song before but didn't realize what brought it about. My 28 year old son Dustin (oldest of four) was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver on 8/12/11 while riding his bike in a bike lane. The driver was 18 years old. I don't know why, but I never felt that forgiveness was an issue. While I've been angry at the circumstances and I miss my beautiful son so very much, I've never hated the young man or wanted revenge or vengeance. As I stated in my victim impact statement at the sentencing, this could be the best thing that's ever happened to him if he can turn his life around from where he was headed. He can be a productive member of society, he can be the father for his son that his father wasn't to him (he and his mother repeatedly blamed his lack of a father for why he was doing the things he was), he can live in such a way as to truly be happy. This is what I want for him. And I truly feel that not carrying around unforgiveness lightens my already heavy burden. I agreed to accept his plea on condition that he agreed to meet with me through the Facilitated Dialogue Program (the only way to have contact between victim and offender in Oregon), so now we are both working through that process and will probably meet face to face toward the end of the year. I am very excited and nervous! It's been less than a year, but I've been speaking at DUII and High Risk Driver classes since early April, at the invitation of the administrators who heard me speak at a Traffic Safety Summit in March. My goal is to reach much further than the 2 counties I currently speak in. I will think of Renee in my quest... I might even contact her for guidance. And thanks, Matthew! I love your music (and this song did always make me think of our own family tragedy). Sincerely, Kristi Finney-Dunn. Mother of Dustin Finney.

  • 2012-07-13T14:51:53

This has truley touched my heart how a mother could forgive and go and change alot of people hearts.

  • 2012-07-13T13:12:58


  • 2012-07-12T18:38:05


  • 2012-07-12T16:20:54

Thank you Kelly for being an example to us!

  • 2012-07-12T13:28:51

I too lost a son to a drunk driving accident on December 23, 2001. The person that was responsible for the accident, was a doctor and very well connected with the police, judges, and District Attorney in our area. He got a very light sentence and we fought long and hard. This man was a known alcoholic and there was alot of cover-up, but I prayed daily to learn to forgive him and for him to come to know the Lord. I did get a chance to speak with one of his sons on several occasions and through this accident he and his father has developed a relationship. This helps me to know that my sons death was not in vain. Forgiveness is not something you do today and then that's it you go on with your life, It is a walk that you walk in everyday. This incident has showed me that there is two kinds of forgiveness, the one we use to forgive those we love and the kind that only our Father in Heaven can rain down on us through His Holy Spirit, it is a forgiveness like no other. It comes from deep within and you grow with it each day as you travel on in life. It is fairly easy to forgive someone we like or love when they hurt us, but to forgive someone for taking something so precious, as a life, (the life of your child) is not only hard but heart wrenching. at first, my whole family was angry with me because of my forgiveness, but when they saw the freedom and the love that it gave me, they too are now learning to forgive. This incident has changed the life of my family and its members forever but it has brought me closer to my Lord and Savior and for this I am thankful. I have lost three sons throughout my life two as babies and one at age 18. Each one has taught me something and has brought me closer to our Lord. He is good and He will never leave you alone. He is my strength. Please take time today to tell those you love that you love them and to forgive someone you are holding resentment to. I was touched by this video. It brought tears to my eyes. You see my youngest and only living son is in prison because of stupid choices he made and I feel partially because of his unwillingness to forgive the man responsible for his brother's death. He will get a 2nd chance and I thank God for this and I ask all of you to please pray for him and all families that have lost a child, sister, brother, etc..., it is hard but we have to remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  • 2012-07-12T05:08:28

How can you forgive someone who takes the life of your child. It takes a very special person.

  • 2012-07-12T02:56:40

Love this story and the Song, Thank you for sharing!

  • 2012-07-12T02:28:49

Very inspiring story. Forgiveness is a choice...

  • 2012-07-12T01:55:10

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I would rather see the mom meet up with the guy when he get's out in November and listen to what they have to say. That to me would be more interesting. Having said that, i truly admire the mom. Personally i would find it so difficult to forgive someone who killed one of my kid's. I'm not at that place yet.

  • 2012-07-12T01:41:40

The sad thing is that two families lose their child. Even 11 years is a long time for his parents, too. God bless them all in this situation.

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