Lady Antebellum Sings Praises to Jesus at Their Concert



  • 2013-10-30T06:30:51

It's so meaning for us who live in the country majority is Muslims... We praise Jesus with all of our hearth...

  • 2013-10-30T06:28:25


  • 2013-06-21T03:37:57

Love Lady A

  • 2013-06-20T20:01:25

You are now one of my favorite groups and I would love to hear more gospel cause God blessed all of u with that beautiful voice so praise him with it!

  • 2013-05-09T04:58:47

Owen McCafferty - You shouldn't be so critical. She just lost her grandfather, and the last time I checked, Jesus turned the water into wine. And by the looks of their career, and having been in support with iHeartRadio, seriously now .. stop judging. You MUST attend church, and it's the exact reason that I don't. You FEEL you're doing the right thing, but look at you. My God tells me to separate myself from the likes of tongues of your nature. You are a sly manipulative snake "winning souls for the Kingdom of God", but honey .. Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self ! Now go up and read your comment again, and give me a big " Jesus Loves You ". God bless YOU and I hope and pray that Christianity somehow changes for the likes of what I have just seen. It is a BASH, an ATTEMPT, a mediocre testing of God, spirit, and the church's tolerance. My bible tells me that I am free to enjoy that drink at 1 AM, therefore I know that I use my life and my likes in moderation.. to help me THINK, BE CREATIVE, and ENJOY MY LIFE. As I listen to this song, she has such a beautiful voice when she sings "All To Jesus". So maybe instead of looking on the outside, and what people are writing about, just realize that everything is a THOUGHT , a CREATIVE STATURE. But you must overlook your RELIGIOUS ATTITUDE and see what HER HEART IS SINGING ABOUT! Church has corrupted you, and for that I am sorry. If people could only see the BIG PICTURE and what these artists are ALL ABOUT ON THE INSIDE AS PEOPLE SHOULD BE, then the moral agenda that has held America and the world for that matter CAPTIVE FOR SO MANY YEARS, will be broken .. and the curse will be lifted .. only if people stopped thinking like PEOPLE LIKE YOU and were so eager to attack through "moral defense". I'm sorry sweetie, but it only makes you look like a complete and total moron, and it really only takes a moron like myself to even shed bigger and greater light upon this subject, and really .. you have no sense in bashing someone for having a God-given talent in which God has given to THEM, and not you. Jealousy is cruel, so maybe you should just check your step before you lead a future generation with my child in the likes astray into your world of close-minded oblivion. Jesus loves, Jesus saves, Jesus has grace and mercy. And it is sufficient for EVERYONE. Just not you.

  • 2013-05-08T03:23:01

Ohh great! God blesses you, Lady Antebellum. Glory to him wiht this song!

  • 2013-05-03T12:34:38


  • 2013-04-30T21:47:51

Thanks for honoring Grandpa, and worshipping the Lord!

  • 2013-04-23T05:38:27

What a beautiful song of praise sung beautifully! Methinks Grandpa is just sittin' there, smilin' and waitin' for you! Oh, and Owen, this is group of normal people, not squeaky clean angels! And, surely you'd get this: They're singing about things normal people experience... which is not the same as being in that situation themselves! Maybe you're untainted by sin and have never been despondent, lonely, longing for the touch of a lost love, wishing for the impossible, staring into an empty whisky glass...

  • 2013-04-23T02:30:14

Love my Lord and Savior and love to hear songs praiseing him. Great job.

  • 2013-04-22T21:05:58

Annnnnd this is the same country group that sings "It's 1 O Clock in the morning, I'm a little drunk, and I need you now, okaaay!

  • 2013-04-22T16:33:24

oh so pretty and I'm so happy they stepped out to do a Gospel song.... Praise God!

  • 2013-04-22T06:08:59

Grandpa said you need to sing gospel song..Amen!

  • 2013-04-19T23:43:49

good music

  • 2013-04-19T23:33:30

i have noticed so many times when ever we sing about Christ how quiet the audience becomes,Jesus lives in us.

  • 2013-04-19T21:49:25

Beautifully Song <<3.

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