A Woman Dies and Goes to Heaven - And Speaks About It on National Television



  • 2013-04-19T19:25:16

Ovala Toiaivao I am not sure if you were helped by any of the answers you received, but I have another way of looking at the Trinity. My name is Mark - I am a person. I am also my father's son. I am also my son's father. Therefore, I am three in one - a person, a father, and a son, but I am still just me. Hope this helps.

  • 2013-04-19T15:42:35

I read this book in October, so encouraging!

  • 2013-04-19T14:55:13

Debbie Fraser Debbie Fraser I enjoyed the video but you are so right, most of the world believes there is a God but it is only through Jesus/Yeshua can one be saved! She never mentioned Jesus once. Many believe in God and think that is all they need but sadly they are so wrong......

  • 2013-04-16T16:14:49

Marie's resurrection is marvelous. Jesus is alive. HIS resurrecting power is true. Also life after death is true. What type of life? Carefree and reckless life on earth will also have a life after death. But in hell. On the contrary, Assurance of sins forgiven by the blood of Jesus enables life in Heaven. And that is eternal. Franklin Karunakaran, Chennai, India.

  • 2013-04-16T16:03:43

Franklin K., is Franklin Karunakaran. I only posted a comment two minutes ago.

  • 2013-04-15T11:55:14

Many years ago I had a vision, of my nephew playing around with 4 men who were sitting on the ground. My nephew was laughing, spining, and running to each of these people. Three of the men were his grandparents (grandfather, g'grandpa and another g'father). Two I knew, the other I did not. The fourth man was Christ. He was sitting on the left of Earl, my husband's father. They were all laughing and playing along with my nephew. I knew it was Jesus, because of the blinding glow around him. You see it was the Christmas holiday season. My brother-in-law takes his family camping every year at this time. My mother-in-law was visiting my family. My nephew went missing on a Saturday morning, when the family went for a hike. My brother-in-law didn't tell us or his mom, because of two reasons, thinking they would find his son soon, and spoiling the familys Christmas celebrations. I had the vision on Sunday, the day after my nephew went missing. Afterward the vision/dream I woke up (for it was morning) on Monday, went in to tell my mother-in-law the story. She packed and we put her on a plane home to be with her son. I knew my nephew was in Heaven, and I knew who greeted him at the Lake and I knew where his little body was. I told my mother-in-law and she rushed home to be there with them.They found my nephew's body on Wednesday, right where I knew he was. My children know this story, and they have faith that those that have gone before them will be there, when their time is done here, to greet them, so that their passage won't be alone. When I think back on this a great calming comes to me. For its been 11 years since that day. To hear and read about Dr. Mary Neal's story, brought back that vision to me. I wanted to share it with you. I will not do as she on national tv, but I share with others that have lost a child and witness to them.

  • 2013-04-14T22:05:25

I am a Mormon. We do believe in Christ, the same Jesus Christ as is found in the New Testament, and we study this holy book. The name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If anyone has questions about what we actually believe, then they should check out Mormon.com and order some free literature and visit a local church.

  • 2013-04-14T15:48:51

First of all it is appointed ONCE for man to die and then comes judgment, who are you going to believe? Those who died and were brought back to life in scripture was for a purpose. I also had what I thought was a death experience but when I read the word of God I know God does not lie therefore what I experienced I can not explain but the Word of God is not wrong.

  • 2013-04-14T03:09:06

Ovala Toiavao...it was explained to me in very simple way, when I too asked same questions when I was young teen....I'll never forget being told in very simple, understandable ways that makes perfect sense then and even now 50 yrs later...goes like this.. Take an apple...it has the peeling (its protective covering encompessing entire apple) an apple has flesh...the delicious "fruit-meat" we enjoy and then there's the core...has a stem and seedlings that will produce more fruit and so on. All parts of the apple is edible and cannot be without any of these 3 simple but very important parts to this fruit. at the heart of this fruit is the core that contains its seedlings beuatifully arrainged in 5 point star pattern, aka satanic symbol in which these seeds kept housed in protective covering. These seeds are not only life giving but are very toxic as they contain deadly cyanide. One can swallow these seeds whole without being exposed to its content but... only when the seeds get chewed, opened then swallowed, you WILL get a small does of cyanide poisoning....is the story of the begining of our Salvation. At the core of the fruit, in the begining is God, His son, His holy spirit...but at the center of this core is new life as well as potential destruction... so when explained this way, it helps understand the trinity...Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  • 2013-04-13T23:05:58

I strongly identify with this. What does pouring mud into beautiful truth mean?

  • 2013-04-13T23:01:08

I strongly agree.

  • 2013-04-13T17:35:06

I was waiting to hear one name I did not hear. That at the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and tongue confess that he is Lord to the glory of the Father. The word God embraces so many ideas in peoples minds and is very general, so with that being said, that at the name of Yahushua Jesus of Nazereth there is no other name by which a man might be saved, for he is the way, the truth and life and no comes comes to the father except by Jesus Christ the Lord.

  • 2013-04-13T13:24:24

Sorry Christians, both real and phony, I don't buy one word of this. "I can't imagine a God who won't allow me to see my parents again" nonsense. Neuroscientists have explained all the white light and tunnels long ago. Why do you buy this and scoff at the virgins awaiting martyrs belief. (Who wants virgins anyhow? I'd rather have hookers in heaven). Hey if this gets you thru the day, great but think how much purer it is to do good for your fellow many without believing is some heavenly reward. I live my life 99.9% confident in no afterlife and I do as much as I can to repair the world. I do it for humanity, not as a down payment on a heavenly condo. Think about it. Whose efforts are more Christlike?

  • 2013-04-13T03:36:36

I think of it like this: H2O exists in three forms, solid, liquid and a gas. When H20 is frozen it is ice, when it is boiled it is steam and when it is liquid it is water. I hope this helps you too. :-)

  • 2013-04-12T21:44:32

I think that you liked it matters alot and have it on you wall is important. But you called it into question for a lot folks who are writing her off as a fool. I for one believe in angelic saves and NDE. As a Baptist, your beliefs are not too far from mine, so I think your Word of God is much the same as my Word of God.

  • 2013-04-12T21:24:01

Donny and Marie, along with 14,400,000 other people worldwide, belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Do you see the name of Jesus in our churches name, Bill Richard? You do know something about the backgroiund of the principles; namely, Jesus and Lucifer being spirit brothers, but so does the rest of Christiandom. Lucifer was cast out as he wanted to take our free agency from us, Jesus did not. You have mistakenly been calling my church "Mormons" because of the "Book of Mormon", which is our companion to the "Holy Bible". We are now concidered a major religion, not a cult, and contribute millions of humanitarian dollars worldwide each year. Should you be approached by missionaries, you could learn even more about us. But there are alot of us in California, and probably in Carlsbad. Oh dear, I hope you haven't been offended by someone in my church. I understand that has happened from time to time. Will you please forgive that person/s if that is the case?

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