Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Shares How God Led He and His Wife to Adopt



  • 2014-03-01T03:25:06

So glad you Ducks are spreading God's word. Thanks for going to see my Grand-son-inlaw on the USS Stout. God bless you everyone!!!

  • 2013-09-20T18:37:43

Does he say, "third son"? I thought Will was his second son. Does anyone have the answer?

  • 2013-05-30T16:26:58

Do this is just what this site is for these are men of business men on tv but most of all Men of THE GOD it is our responsibility to support them in spreading there story that you can run a business and be on tv and be real Godly men people have them speak because there the duck men because there rich because there on tv but what do they do its not look what we did its look what our Lord has done so we can do his work.

  • 2013-05-28T00:38:49

Well said Catherine! Thank you!

  • 2013-04-18T14:54:27

so glad to see people willing to want to adopt, I see alot of kids not being loved nor wanted, also thanks for telling folks about GOD, & Will-----you told the truth---we need to love like jesus does us--yes he died for all.

  • 2013-04-08T11:36:57

Thank you. I love these people, and I loved the article, but GodTube needs a proofreader. C'mon people, the world already thinks we're uneducated!

  • 2013-04-08T04:54:32

Hey Scott, thanks for the awareness, I certainly appreciate you being open to share your feelings and personal experience. I am hoping to adopt my "step" sons sooner then later, I am mom to them it is really just a formal process to help with the issues you are talking about. I just want to share with you something I have been learning about, it's called "Justice and the Courts of Heaven" ( I have found this truly amazing biblical tool through Pastor friends of mine that has been skimmed over by Christian's for SO long! I have found it to be incredibly freeing! Which is something that sounds like what you need more then anything right now. I'm sure you know that knowing the truth could go either way right? So PRAISE God for the fact that your Bio mom loved you so much that she knew you would have a better life with a good family!! I bet the woman who gave you life has probably shed an ocean of tears for you, I don't know any mother that wouldn't have. I say that to encourage you God has a special plan for you.. see most of our parents get what they get (not to sound bad) but your adoptive family CHOSE YOU!! That is so rewarding to know that one this planet someone CHOSE you! BE blessed and I pray that you find peace and I pray that God reunites you with your bio family in HIS perfect timing

  • 2013-04-08T04:20:42

That's really beautiful, Aunt Marilyn.

  • 2013-04-08T01:00:07

It takes a special person to adopt children. Thanks to those who are that special.

  • 2013-04-08T00:47:53

We have 10 Grand children of the 10, 6 are adopted 2 from birth 4 out of the foster care system as grandparents there is no difference in our LOVE for each Grandchild It take special people to adopt children we are Blessed that our children have hearts for this journey Health issues can definitely be an issue but God is faithful.

  • 2013-04-07T14:41:55

Denial is not a river in the desert!

  • 2013-04-07T05:44:02

marilyn j wolff; I thought I knew what love was as I came from a loving Christian family. well, let me tell you when God opened the door to adopt my son Scott that moment I looked into my son's beautiful blue eyes he entered my heart.He taught me what real love was..he taught me strength and I must admit humility..because of Scott a law was passed (took me 18 yrs ) so that adoptee's parents would receive their child's medical background.he was aphasic child.the Drs. said he would never read, live on his own, well, through God's grace and lots of work he lived on his own , drove his own car, could read 5th grade level, did his own lived a very productive life. even in death he gave others the gift of life...I truly believe God brought my son into my life to keep me on the right track..believe me I know what humility is! I miss him so very much but through the love and assurance of Christ my Savior I also know what the word mother means. thank you my precious son. I'll post again about the journey of finding his birth mom and the outcome of that. just wanted to let you know that I too believe in adoption.on Scott's birthday we would always thank God for allowing us to be his parents and his birth mom for loving him enough to let him go. I don't know why I'm blabbering on so. guess I'LLcall it a night.

  • 2013-04-06T20:21:10

Scott Andersen All those issues can be addressed and resolved within you if you seek help. I am a birth mother, and an adoptive mother. Neither of my sons had those feelings of "...Abandonment issues, trust issues, relationship issues, identity issues..." I was re-united with my eldest son in 2000.

  • 2013-04-06T19:01:15

There toward the end, I meant "thanks for listening." But I forgot to go back and finish it, and ended up just saying "thanks." Which I think could sound sarcastic. I didn't mean it that way. Also I meant it is a "real thing" not a "really thing" about kids feeling guilt over leaving their bith mothers. Sorry, I usually proofread better than that.

  • 2013-04-06T18:57:42

I do agree with you Glenda, but I think Scott IS appreciative of his adoptive parents. He said "I was adopted by 2 of the absolute best people anybody could ever hope for." Maybe after that, instead of "and" he could have said "but" "I'm [nevertheless] faced with these issues daily." And I don't really think he meant to put "all" adoptees in his boat of misery. Adoptees don't say "I was adopted by 2 of the absolute best people anybody could ever hope for" if they don't mean it. I think he's just trying to get across something that's important for adoptive parents to hear, and for adopted kids to hear: it can be really tough. Even if you adopt a baby at the age of 1 day old, and love them more than anyone ever loved a child, they can still feel abandoned by their birth parents, many even feel "guilt" over leaving their birth mother! Like that makes any sense. Of course it's not the newborn's fault that he left his mother. But still sometimes kids feel that way. It's not like ONE adopted child ever felt guilt over leaving his or her birth mother. MANY do. It's a really thing that happens to many, even though it doesn't "make sense." And so of course they can have lifelong issues with trust, abandonment, attachment, etc. I think it's important for adoptors and adoptees to know that, in spite of everyone's loving best intentions, *sometimes* it is not all roses. Not always, but sometimes. It can be very hurtful for adoptive parents and children, when they see others who have it so easy, while their experience has been a painful emotional roller coaster. They wonder "what's wrong with me, that I couldn't adopt this child and have it all just turn out peaches like that family down the street?" Or what's wrong with me, when I know my friend who was adopted is crazy about his adoptive parents, but I don't really feel connected to mine?" Thanks. I think Scott, even though his experience has been very different from yours, is just trying to help people with what he says. It didn't sound to me like he was *just* trying to complain, but to inform.

  • 2013-04-06T18:01:03

*how God led his wife and him to adopt*.

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