Bill & Gloria Gaither - When All of God's Singers Get Home (feat. Jeanne Johnson) [Live]



  • 2013-03-14T07:57:32

Really, I feel God's presence in my soul.

  • 2013-03-10T03:42:35

Jenny Jones I remember when I first became a Christian acts 2;38 believe in the Lord Jesus Christ repent of my sins,, my sister in law went to a similes of God.. I told her that I was going to give all my grass pot to someone.. She said you cannot give evil a way.. You have to destroy.. On New Year's Eve,, I took all my pot throw away through my pipes everything and came to the Lord confessed him before man.. The Greek word Baptiste so means fully immersed into Christ very with him in baptism.. And he promised me the Holy Spirit would live within me,, and I would be his sanctuary... I could not read could not right could not spell totally illiterate... I asked the Lord to keep track of everything I wanted in a Christian lady.. Every quality did I sing,, if somebody came in the late,, she handed them her song book,, if a little kids fell,, she picked them up and comforted them,, she helped old people out,, all these qualities,, then I told the word after two years anything else you want added to within a year I was married,,, been married for 30 years,, have a beautiful son.. My wife plays the piano at church Christ,, I leave the song service,, have done some communion meditation's,,, had a couple sermons.. Him a trustee at the church church now where I attend and worship as a body of Christ.. If you read acts 2;38 give your life to God personally... Read his word.. You do not have to know everything in.. He will reveal in his time.. So I encourage you,, before you open this word*guidance read it,, and when the time is right for you to grow,, you will be like a beautiful flower,, to shining,, and glorifying God.. For using you.. Is not I that live,, is Christ living in me and through me,, if you're not willing to do that,, don't waste your time,, I hope this encourages you a little,, music is where I got my strengths,, and encourages me,,

  • 2013-03-09T19:29:29


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