Kayli comes back to life after 32 minutes



  • 2013-12-12T22:25:10

Add me james

  • 2013-04-18T02:18:42

I say if you cant take the time to watch this you must be really busy.

  • 2013-04-16T23:53:25

cried my heart out.

  • 2013-04-16T20:10:01

that is the work of GOD!

  • 2013-04-15T00:26:35

As a perinatal hospice RN, many of these babies are terminated upon diagnosis. For those that are given a chance for life, most do not survive. This is a miracle story that only God can tell. What a blessing to this family and the many others who hear her story. I serve a God whom is in the business of making Miracles, like Kayli!

  • 2013-04-12T19:40:40

Wow.. God is amazing! He is the ultimate Healer!

  • 2013-04-03T19:30:51

beautiful story. beautiful little girl. god bless you all.

  • 2013-04-01T00:56:02

We serve an awesome God.

  • 2013-03-29T13:02:47

The same power that raised our Lord Jesus Christ, that great Shepherd of the sheep, from the dead, through the blood of everlasting covenant, has shown that it is still at work today. What a powerful story! What a testimony!

  • 2013-03-28T18:54:54

This was absolutely heart warming, It had me in tears the whole time! The miracles of God! Awesome, just pure awesome!

  • 2013-03-28T13:33:21

Absolutely awesome! God is amazing! I can only imagine the thousands of prayers that were offered for this little angel, but everytime I saw a picture of her contorted little feet clasped together, I couldn't help thinking that dispite all that she had endured, still found a way to give her family a sign that she too was praying for a miracle, in the only way she possibly could. Then to top it all off, to see the brain scan.......How could anyone doubt that God is real after watching this?

  • 2013-03-28T06:54:55

My God alimighty is so great that He does wonders. May we are more committed to God in the rest of our lives.

  • 2013-03-28T00:20:28

GOD is still on the Throne.

  • 2013-03-25T22:55:29

God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN and HE and ONLY HE decides who gets to stay and who leaves - GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY - REALLY BIG!

  • 2013-03-25T18:57:25


  • 2013-03-25T18:56:03


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