This 86-Year-Old Gymnast Has AMAZING Skills and Strength!



  • 2013-05-06T19:47:41


  • 2013-05-06T18:38:04

This video of an 86-year old lady doing gymnastics was awesome. GOD is good when our bodies are still healthy and active as we grow older. :) <3

  • 2013-05-06T17:56:13

I'm encouraged, especially because my name is Joanna, and I want to play tennis when I'm 90.

  • 2013-05-06T17:47:12

"This lady at the age of 86 years young is simply "amazing, awesome"! I have no excuse not to exercise! This woman never stopped excising and she certainly an inspiration to us all!

  • 2013-05-06T17:15:12

And she did it on a man's apparatus. Amazing strength especially for her age.

  • 2013-05-06T16:31:57

This truly makes me ashame of myself.

  • 2013-05-06T16:29:46

wow--impressive. even if we aren't trained gymnist's, we will have more mobility as we age if we keep getting exercise!!! really cool.

  • 2013-05-06T16:15:12

I do my Routine, sorry!

  • 2013-05-06T16:13:07

Life is and always will be a challenge, yet the challenges Come with the answer, we just have to find it. I am at this time in Europe even here I due my daily Routine!

  • 2013-05-06T16:01:18

This Lady is great, she is e very good example for all of us! I wish her many more happy and wonderful years!

  • 2013-05-06T16:00:57

Amazing, 86 and learning to be a gymnast! HAAAAAAAAAAA

  • 2013-05-06T15:58:09

My comment is about 15 comments down! See it you may like it! I love you all have a great day!

  • 2013-05-06T15:55:13

There is a very simple way to stay fit, start with 33 what I call Hockees it takes aprox. 11 minutes. First Thing in the morning take 1 glass of apple juice with water 50/50% then I get outside or on the padio, stand straight up with the Hands sraight up in the air, then moving the arms down and to the back of the Body, with moving the body down till I set on my heels, moving the arms in a nice swing forward`s, till the whole weight is on the feet, then lean a Little forward`s so the weight is on the toe`s fallowing the swing and getting up to thebeginning stand again, with the arms straigth up in the air as far as I can reach and repeed this 33 times, breathing in true the nose and out true the mouth! that simple you will feel ghreat after that. I would suggest start with 10-20 the first week!

  • 2013-05-06T15:43:47

Awsome! age is a number, we can do all things through Christ we gives us the strength.

  • 2013-05-06T15:32:15

Such an inspiration. With God, ALL things are possible!

  • 2013-05-06T15:11:45

She is great and with her age she is awesome.

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