She Ordered Breakfast, But What The Cashier Did Next Left Her SPEECHLESS



  • 2014-06-20T19:00:16

What a great way for a man to propose to the woman that he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with!!!

  • 2014-06-12T11:35:17

I smiled, I cried and I smiled some more! How thoughtful to take her simple little routine and turn it into something so marvelous and memorable. What a blessed day for you both. Congratulations and may God bless your marriage with many more "moments"

  • 2014-06-10T12:29:13

Susan Oliveira Cowley I beg to differ! It's the heart at the bottom of the proposal that counts :-)

  • 2014-06-09T20:48:12

What a sweet way of saying I love you and want to be with you forever.

  • 2014-06-09T14:48:31

While I do enjoy creativity...a fast food joint for romance??? Get real! If a guy can't be creative enough for a better place to express his forever love, he better not have hopes of marrying me! A drive thru window is creative fun for a prom date in high school, but definitely not for a marriage proposal.

  • 2014-06-09T12:43:57

That was beautiful, nice job. May God bless you with a happy life together.

  • 2014-06-08T04:57:49

Jennifer T. Weisz , put a sock in it, and please keep your spam off this site.

  • 2014-06-07T22:46:15

David Salazar - Christ is referencing in that passage that God is not only His Father but everyone's (our) Father. As to what God is, that is a subject matter for another forum. If you are on Facebook, send me a friend request and we can talk more.

  • 2014-06-07T22:06:58

Ken Etter and it did. I like people sharing moments. I like the scripture but it doesnt say what this father or god is. So im a bit lost.

  • 2014-06-07T20:22:08


  • 2014-06-07T13:12:30

David Salazar - that's okay, his fiance didn't (think it was cheesy) and he was just sharing that special moment with the rest of the world, something I think the world can use more of. :) As to what Father I was referencing, the same Father that Christ said when asked by His disciples how to pray "Our Father who are in Heaven", Matthew 6:9

  • 2014-06-07T12:02:43

Mr Switzer I don`t think you have too be creative it`s the surprise of it. When my husband proposed too me we were in different states so he called me and on June 9th we will be married 30 years

  • 2014-06-07T05:27:05

Dude yes!!! It could not be contained..... been cleaning for hours.

  • 2014-06-07T05:26:03

Ken Etter I have alot of happiness bro. Idk God means alot of things and idk what father ur referencing but either way thanks. I just thought it was was cheesy and funny lol.

  • 2014-06-07T05:22:58


  • 2014-06-07T02:17:50

Ken Etter Such sage advice, Mr. Etter. And so nicely said:)

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