A Cappella Quartet Will Floor You With Their Talent



  • 2014-08-27T11:43:16

What is the name of this group, please? I LOVE them! Would love to purchase a CD! :)

  • 2014-08-05T17:34:14

i here my moms voice resonating from Gods forever land when I hear this . When I was a little girl I couldn't understand what she was singing of oh so clear as years move on God Bless them in Jesus Name

  • 2014-05-07T14:03:13

What a blessing! Where can we get their CD's or DVD's? God is alive and well!

  • 2014-03-22T13:54:48

Praise The Lord, God bless you

  • 2014-03-17T09:44:23

Ruby Wentz does spiderman believe in you?

  • 2014-03-17T00:19:07

Michael Johnston You may not believe in Him but He believes in you!

  • 2014-03-16T22:20:24

ill agree with the second part of your comment...brilliant !

  • 2014-03-16T04:20:59

Beautifully done! Wonderful message, also.|

  • 2014-03-16T02:21:57

do the have a cd?

  • 2014-03-15T18:33:44

Really good. Beautiful singing. Love It. Would love to hear more.

  • 2014-03-15T16:27:29

i would like to see more from these guys..... that was awesome

  • 2014-03-15T15:59:32

This song is my parents' favorite.they love to sing this in our nightly worship. I miss them dearly,it sucks when u live far away from them.

  • 2014-03-15T15:38:13

Beautiful !!!

  • 2014-03-15T15:17:33

God given talent, I have never heard better!

  • 2014-03-15T15:03:01

Too painful looking at those red ears...! Please wear earmuffs, gloves, mufflers and coats next time, guys!!!

  • 2014-03-15T13:32:10

Such gracious beautiful voices.

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