Is infant baptism the same thing in the New Covenant as circumcision in the Old Covenant? -Phil Johnson



  • 2012-09-28T10:21:34

But when a family was baptised, there is no record of baptizers refusing infants and toddlers saying they were too young to understand or believe, though there must have been many young children in each family as birth rate was high in the ancient world. The New Testament also refers the children of believers as clean. The sign of the Covenant includes believers and those who are not independent from them, the too-young for moral responsibility. (It NEVER means the too-young children of unbelievers all go to hell. We are not given answers to that except we know God is fair and just.) As both circumcision and baptism are mere outward rituals and have no real effect on salvation, believers' infant baptism must be a Biblical practice as it is the pattern the Apostles and the Early Church must have followed. In the case of infant baptism, when the recipient grows old enough, he goes through confirmation by confessing his faith directly because there is only one baptism according to the Scripture.

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