A MUST-SEE Message! News Anchor Stands Up to Bully That Claims She is Not a Role Model For Being Overweight



  • 2012-10-05T01:39:55

I'm struggling to see the bullying in this letter. Suppose for a moment she was a smoker and continually announced that in the public eye. If the letter was written about her smoking in the exact same manner, would it be bullying or constructive criticism? As smoking would be a health risk to her, her children and all who consider her a role model, wouldn't it be appropriate to write such a objective letter? Which is of more concern and a greater health risk in the western world today, smoking or obesity? Just do a search on google “what is a greater health risk, smoking or obesity?” and check out the results for yourself. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+a+greater+health+risk%2C+smoking+or+obesity%3F Would you be content to have a senior pastor, minister or elder who was a chain smoker, or would you feel the need say something, in meekness and in truth? Would you be content to have a senior pastor, minister or elder who drank too much, or would you feel the need say something, in meekness and in truth? Would you be content to have a senior pastor, minister or elder who ate too much, or would you feel the need say something, in meekness and in truth? Where does your moral compass sit when comparing such things? Scripture lumps drunkeness and gluttony together. Should we do the same? The Bible also talks about the greater responsibility for our leaders. It also talks about not causing another brother to stumble. We should take on board these biblical concepts and encourage ourselves and others in positions of a ’role model,’ and many other areas of leadership; at school, in the workplace and in the news room on television. Not in an emotionally judgemental way but in love and respect. Not in looking only at outside appearances but in discernment and in respect to bringing heaven to earth, in the now but not yet. The anchor said herself she is overweight, and obese on a doctors chart. Knowing such information objectively, plus being in the public eye, automatically demands a greater responsibility for her to take on. This was all I took from the letter she read out, not bullying. We have a misconception here I think, common in todays thinking. Taking a matter of fact statement and turning it into an emotionally charged bullying statement.

  • 2012-10-05T01:35:42

It is not a sin to be fat. Are you perfect that you can judge others? Only God, our Father judges; not us helpless humans.

  • 2012-10-05T00:55:12

Indeed we are not defined by what people see in us, thank God He sees the beauty in us. Yes, perhaps some of us have issues to deal with like obesity, too skinny, too dark, too fair, flat noses, whatever...yet it takes grace and courage to look at another person in the eyes of God, and say, he/she is beautiful because God you made them so. Help me see their beauty through your lenses, God.

  • 2012-10-04T23:31:21

Nullying is a terrible thing and to do that to someone is horrible. The person that wrote that was terriblr.

  • 2012-10-04T23:30:25

Susan Helmuth , God also said 'hate the sin, not the person. What they might be doing is the sin, not the person themselves.

  • 2012-10-04T23:16:55

Jennifer, as you began to read tyou e-mail I was sure you were calling to me. For just a moment,... sense I'm not able to work and I certianly could never do you job, which by the way you do wonderfully. I am obese and I've had my share of bullying. And yes, it does hurt. However I know God loves me for me. I don't have to look like a beauty queen for God to love and charish me. He loves me and charishes me just the way I am. I believe He created each and everyone of us in His image,..... tall, short, plump, skinny. You pick it...He made us and we are perfect! I'm learning to ignor the bullies. I trust in God for so much, why not this too. Like you said, Jennifer, your bully doesn't know you and mine certianly don't know me! We need to start at home with our own kids and pay it forward. Thanks for listening......Jennifer Moulton.

  • 2012-10-04T22:48:42

Amen to her courage and articulate rebuttal. For those of us who are Christians it is important to remember that the bible says - judge not, lest yes be judged - the same judgment handed out to others will also be handed out to you. If God shows us an issue is another's life, He does not give us liberty to criticize, judge, condemn or fault-find; He reveals the issue so that we will be encouraged to pray for them - and leave the issue in God's hands without taking it upon ourselves to determine the rightness or wrongness of it. God loves all of us equally, regardless of worldly standards.

  • 2012-10-04T22:30:49

Stephanie Allen-haukoos I have to agree with you for the most part; however, this is America right? One of the things we charish most and many men have, are and will always stand up for and give the altimate sacrifice for our "Bill of Rights". Even though what that person wrote was hateful, here in America he had the right to express that nastines. I joined the Military back in the 70s to protect those rights for everyone just as those in the Military now are aslo doing. I believe that what this anchor lady did was one of the most corages things anyone could have done. It stands up there with fighting for others rights to be an idiot and a fool and yes, even "Greater love has no one than this, than to laying one's life down for his friends". (John 15:12-14)

  • 2012-10-04T22:26:47

Hi Melina: Thanks for sharing this video. A very good one! xoxo

  • 2012-10-04T22:24:39

Being overweight is not always a choice, and it is harder for the women that have children and certain genetic factors to fight this. Very easy for a man to make these statements that he knows nothing about. Instead of attacking those of us who struggle with this problem, why not do some research into the food additives that likely contribute to this? Just stopping eating doesn't work, and these types of negative comments do not help either.

  • 2012-10-04T22:18:58

IF it's gluttony and not a medical condition, that would make it between her and God then, P. Jack. NO BULLYING!!!

  • 2012-10-04T22:13:10

I too am overweight or obese. I am disabled, eat healthy, cannot exercise and yet God loves me!

  • 2012-10-04T22:10:29

I saw nothing at all in this e-mail that indicated that he was a bully. His letter was polite, while stating his opinion that being in the public eye does make a person an example. Being overweight is unhealthy and is certainly not a good example, for girls especially. We now have an epidemic in this country of Type Two Diabetes in children, something that was absolutely unheard of before, as Type two occurred in adults who had many years of wrong, and unhealthy eating habits.. If Jennifer looked to be an Anorexic, letters would be pourng in by people concerned about her health. In an era of fast food, over indulgence, super-sized everything, this mans letter was certainly a valid issue, and was written with respect, certainly not the "attacker" he has been made out to be. The only bully I see in this situation is Jennifer, who has a "bully pulpit" as she has the advantage of taking this nation wide. She is the one who has unjustly called this man a cruel bully, and escalting this to be something that it was not intended to be by him. She also said that children hear everything that adults say, and take wrong ideas and hurtful words outside the home into school. I am wondering what she thinks that she is doing by wrongfully smearing this mans name, now a national issue, in the mud, with her children hearing every word, as well as mine? We used to have a God given right to have an opinion in this country, but no longer lest someone is offended. Once again I also would like to know why something of this nature is on God-Tube? More and more this venue that once was only used to bring glory to our Savior, and bring the love of God to many who are hurting in this crazy world that is becoming a very hard place to live, a place you knew you could turn to and hear good things about the Lord. Nothing in this issue has up-lifted the Lord to anyone. His name was not even mentioned. I do not know who selects what is allowed on God-Tube, but I pray that they would go back to where it began, a place where the goodness of the Lord could be seen in many ways. This is something that belongs on Youtube, not God-Tube!

  • 2012-10-04T22:10:15

He who does not have a speck in his eye let him cast the 1st stone! God sees a perfectly righteous and beautiful woman if she is saved. He loves her and she is His child. God is not so crass as to look at the outward appearance like some mere humans. He is a perfect God w/ perfect love for all of us (unconditionally)!!! I'll be praying for you as now you will probably receive the discipline from God for judging and maligning!

  • 2012-10-04T20:37:31

I agree with Kelly. People have used social media to say some pretty horrible things to others. This gentlemen had no right to tell her she is a poor example to those in her community. Yes there is an obesity problem in this country, there is also a media driven view of what a women should look like. Woman are saturated with magazines that have skinny girls in them that have been airbrushed to make them look thinner and more beautiful. This news Anchor is showing woman of all sizes that you can be successful what ever size you are. Of course it had to be a man who responded to your comment Kelly, how would he know what it is like to be a woman and the critcism that is given when you put on a few more pounds than you want. I say kudos to the Anchor, maybe her message will help those young ladies feeling not so wonderful about themselves when they look in the mirror and see that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

  • 2012-10-04T20:34:01


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