A MUST-SEE Message! News Anchor Stands Up to Bully That Claims She is Not a Role Model For Being Overweight



  • 2012-10-06T13:01:20

You go girl. God Bless you.

  • 2012-10-06T10:17:21

We are all requiring grace, and I see no need to remind another of their character flaws - as I need to focus on my own. I believe she crossed the line when she equated one's skin color to one's sexual orientation. There is no shame in skin color. There is in sin.

  • 2012-10-06T04:00:13

Jeff Hemley Totally love what your saying Jeff! Preach it brother man.

  • 2012-10-06T02:27:32

Well, why don't you tell us what kind of person you really are behind the rude comments? Are you hurting about something? Would you like someone to pray for you?

  • 2012-10-06T00:18:40

Darla, we as Christians cannot embrace sin even if it's not the popular thing to do.

  • 2012-10-05T23:59:50

Mark, what God are you speaking of? The GOD whom I know loves everyone, and sent his SON Jesus Christ to die for EVERYONE's sins out of that LOVE. Even those of homosexuals. Even YOURS. GOD nudges us toward HAVING a repentant heart. Reread John 3:16.

  • 2012-10-05T23:45:44

So Carol Did God make you judge? I do not care what a person is bullied for it is wrong. This is fine on God Tube. As Christian we sympathize with any one who is bullied, belittled, and we always side with the underdog if it is warranted. Would you rather a gay teen take their life for what they are because we as Christians should not take up for them because they are different? No my God is the only judge of people and as a christian I do not sit and let begets as yourself be anyone's judge. This is plain ignorance. God is the only judge and some of you need to remember that.

  • 2012-10-05T23:43:36

Do not Judge!!! You show NO LOVE

  • 2012-10-05T23:33:28

And God also say's sir not to Judge. I believe that is what you did with that statement

  • 2012-10-05T23:16:52

Rude unacceptable comment.

  • 2012-10-05T23:15:19

How wrong you are Mr Driscoll. You clearly do not work with/have close contact with young people or others who experience this type of bullying on a daily basis. In many cases, e-mail bullying leads to social isolation, despair and suicide attempts. This grieves the heart of God. (James 3:9-12) Where is your compassion?

  • 2012-10-05T21:55:59

P. Jack Driscoll WOW! God also sees a judgmental heart! Who are you to say that the way this woman looks on the outside is because of gluttony? Do you know the definition of gluttony? So many times we (I've been guilty of it too) try to attach a simple answer to how a person looks or acts. Sometimes it may make sense, but ultimately unless you get to know and understand someone's past you will NEVER know the reason behind why they look or act like they do. Shame on us for thinking we understand why someone is the way they are without first trying to get to know the person for who they REALLY are. We're all broken in this place - hence the need for a Saviour! So let's take time to understand each other's brokenness in a loving way instead of spitting in Christ's face!

  • 2012-10-05T21:34:48

thank you and well stated Billie

  • 2012-10-05T20:35:37

Well said...

  • 2012-10-05T20:20:28

God loves all of us equally no matter what the circumstances are but you are also loved by many here on this earth as well just the way that you are. The Ellison Family over her in Athens loves you very much!!!

  • 2012-10-05T20:17:22

1. How do you know that a "man" wrote that email? 2. This is a publicity stunt. Because there is no way that was the first email she received telling her she is fat. 3. To all the people preaching "god sees what is inside" or "it doesn't matter what is outside" or "that guy is a bully". - Email did not say she was ugly. - It said she is fat. 4. Obesity is "unhealthy". So that Email can also be considered as a suggestion focusing on Health. - She was the one who took it as a remark on her looks instead of her health. 5. A lot of buzz going on about bullying these days. Weren't we kids once? Were we not bullied? Did we not learn from it? We turned out OK, so will the kids of this generation. Stop pampering them and let them fight their battles.

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