Testimony of Merrill



  • 2012-08-15T13:10:08

Merrill, Looking so forward to seeing you in our heavenly home! And of course Gracie!

  • 2012-08-15T13:07:34

Thank you Merrill for reminding us not to take all things for granted including out loved ones! Thank you for letting all know that God loves all of us and is with us through all things in our lives. God bless you and say hi to Graci when you finally do see her again!

  • 2012-08-15T12:27:34

Thank you Merrill for sharing.My husband and I just celebrated 24 years together.We often wonder how we could ever live with out each other, because like you and Gracie, we are close and do everything together. Like you we love our LORD. When our time comes to leave this earth.You have shown us the best thing to do is to have purpose for our LORD and ask for strength from him. Merrill you have purpose and you are a great teacher too.

  • 2012-08-15T12:22:38

this touched my heart I recently lost my family due to my blindness this gives me such hope in a time of darkness thank you Jesus.

  • 2012-08-15T10:14:44

Be blessed Merrill of Lord -PS:23 Amen.

  • 2012-08-15T10:13:19

<3 it =) ! Tear tear & smiles for days .Such a cute video & a strong one to .Thanks for sharing love *!

  • 2012-08-15T08:59:17

Ane Hu'akau, Sale N Sia, Lavinia Taukolo, Lavenia Hu'akau, Inoke Huakau, Teki Toli, Tonga Militoni, Katie Militoni, Amanda Militoni, Raymond Nenisi...... EVERYBODY, watch this!

  • 2012-08-15T08:52:30

I LOVE YOU MERRILL, MY BROTHER IN CHRIST! This was truly a Blessing to watch! I have been using GOD these past months and now, I have realized that this is the wrong way to go. LORD, use me and work through me in all of the days here on earth. <3 Hilda Taulava... Until we meet again Merrill! <3

  • 2012-08-15T03:21:24

Merrill and Grace thank you so much for sharing your beautiful love for one another and your love for the Lord. What a magnificent part you have played in helping all of us to not take one moment with one another for granted on this earth. Merrill your work on earth has not been completed as your lovely, tender, precious, heartwarming testimony has now been viewed by literally thousands of us. I wish you could have been at the Venue service when we all had the opportunity to see this for the first time. There was not one dry eye at the Venue.

  • 2012-08-15T02:29:34

Thank for sharing your story.we all take our love one for granted.Thank God he be there for us even when we wick. I guilty for we been married 54 years.I saw the love you still have for Gracie, and God.

  • 2012-08-14T22:47:00

I am 12 and man, I would absolutely love to meet you I would love to hear you're story in person and hear about everything that you have gone through.i watched it and I cried my eyes out and then I showed my mom and she cried to. you're story touched my heart and I hope it touches everyone who watches your video. I am glad that you could share this with all of us. I bet you are just an absolute amazing person, love to meet you sometime. I wish everyone I knew was as sweet and nice as you are. I will show all my friends and I hope they will cry too. I wish I could understand how you feel but I don't I wish I did. thank you for all you are! I hope that when I get older I can be married as long as y'all where and hopefully longer!:) thanks again, for the reminder;).

  • 2012-08-14T22:00:29

So sweet. <3

  • 2012-08-14T21:32:45

Oh Merrill that touched my heart today I liked your smile how great that God is filing your heart good job brothers and sisters for caring for this lovely man.

  • 2012-08-14T21:19:22

so beautiful beyonds words merrill and my name is grace too hehe thank you for sharing your story with us may god bless you and keep you safe.

  • 2012-08-14T20:54:44

Merrill I lost my husband in May 2010, we had 17yrs together, just a month to the day short of 18yrs. Like you at times the reality of heaven, is so much more real then here, to be able to stand by Phils side again and worship our Jesus forever. But until then I live for His glory knowing my God is always good, always faithful and always in control.

  • 2012-08-14T18:41:44

Thank you Merrill. That was very inspiring.

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