Testimony of Merrill



  • 2012-08-15T19:18:38

Omg!!! Non stop tears!!! Especially when he wrote waiting to take my last breath on earth and first breath @ home widd Jesus!!! Thank you Hila for sharing!!!

  • 2012-08-15T19:10:29

Dearest Merrill, My heart has been so touched by your beautiful testimony. Gracie is a lucky lady to have you to carry on her legacy, by being a wonderful friend, teacher, helpmate, and example to so many people. Believers and nonbelievers. I pray your testimony will reach thousands and that many lives will be changed because of your silent words, but your precious tribute to your wife. You are loved my brother in Christ. God Bless you dear man of God. Always in Christ, Kathy.

  • 2012-08-15T18:06:15

I understand the shoes you stand in so very much. I became a widow Dec 1st of 2005. Unlike you though, my beloved felt he would burden others with his health, wealth and legal problems. He took his life that cold winters morning, we were married July of 1983. He was a man of valour and thrived on helping others. He left no note and as angry as I was that he left ~ I understood why 'he felt' it was the right thing to do as there was little to no recourse regarding his insurmountable needs. I would have taken all his problems unto myself, I always had b4, he knew that too. Again, being the man of valour it was his way of releasing me from our wedding vows. I would always go above & beyond for him. The song 'If I can turn back time' haunts me often. Like you G-d has now, my undivided attention and devotions now. Being a widow surely is the challange and oddly a priveledge of a life time. It is the widow that knew love and now has an oppertunity to solely be attentive to scriptural direction and bask in a new love. We now thereby help others through our prayers, strength as we wait to be reunited in the promised New Kingdom. In memory of my Matthew Joseph Cannon 3-19-61 ~ 12-01-05..babe I'm working hard to bring many new friends to the New World before we embrace again.

  • 2012-08-15T17:01:36

What an AWESOME, AWESOME video and VERY INSPIRATIONAL! Thank you Merrill for that WONDERFUL testimony! JESUS is my EVERYTHING! Hallejuah!

  • 2012-08-15T16:00:31

It is a true blessing from the Lord to have a love so deep and true with your life's partner. My husband and I are blessed with this kind of love. We fail each other sometimes (like Merrill said!), but the shared love of our Savior keeps us close. Thank you for this heartfelt testimony, Merrill; your reunion with Gracie will be a grand day!

  • 2012-08-15T15:48:41

just want to say thanks mr merrill for reminding us to love the lord and those who love us.

  • 2012-08-15T15:44:35

I wish I could see this better. Why it is all blotchy for me?

  • 2012-08-15T15:05:38

Beautiful Merrill, I just lost my own father and I know how much he missed my mother. I know that they are together again. Thank you and may God bless you.

  • 2012-08-15T14:53:13

I am so glad your family comes to Beams! Love you and your family!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2012-08-15T14:45:57

Hello Everyone! Merrill's testimony Video has almost reached 13,000 people on Godtube. People are being blessed by his story. This isn't a message for JUST people who watch Godtube though, aka mostly Christians. PLEASE help get THIS VIDEO going on YOUTUBE, for others who need to hear this story. Share it on your facebook walls, on your pages, in your groups, get the VIEWS on youtube up :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94vcdt2-pYE Let's be internet MISSIONARIES together!

  • 2012-08-15T14:43:34

Powerful message... I feel this video was somehow meant for me to see. I am a 31 year old wife and mother of 3 and step mother of 2. I have lived in several states though I was born in Oklahoma I spent most my husband almost diedof my life in Christmas Florida & Bithlo (near Orlando). I was raised in church in , but as I grew up the further from God I became. When my husband and I married we lived in Georgia soon after we relocated to Tulsa to be closer to my family. We met a man named Bryan he gave my husband a job, rented us a home, and sold us a van. He was always telling us how great his church was and how he could have nothing with out God. He never misses a day at church. His wife (God bless her she was the most wonderful woman...) died a couple of years ago, he did not turn away from God. Over the last 7 years he has remained a friend, he has always helped us and encouraged us to go to church. In January this year (2012) my husband almost died from a perforated bowel, he had an emergency surgery and almost died 3 times during surgery then barely came off the ventilator. I was on my knees praying and pleading with God to save my husband. The next day I called Bryan. He came up to the hospital prayed for him, we talked about his wife Karen and cried... I knew then I needed to be apart of a church family, so I never have to go through anything alone again. I will never have to pray alone in a hospital again. I joined his church a month later and love it. I was baptized with my mother, my 3 kids, and my best friend recently. I know I have a long painful road ahead with my husband's health he has cancer and is stubborn as can be. I often worried about him not making it to heaven it tormented me. A few months ago he was saved and occasionally goes to church, I was so happy. Now I know in my heart that he will be waiting for me in heaven just like Gracie is for Merrill. I am so sad for his loss and scared for mine. But he did give me a reminder of hope that we will be together again in heaven. I was feeling so defeated this morning wondering what I will do... How I will make it... I wish I could meet and give Merrill a great big hug! What a great, great man. You can see the emotions in his eyes, he meant every word on those 3x5's. I hope you know Merrill you have done a wonderful thing, every time I am feeling down I am going to watch that video again. I am going to show it to my pastor as well. I know my message was long, really long but, I wanted everyone to know why this video is so special to me.

  • 2012-08-15T14:22:33

God Bless you Merrill.....I can feel the love you have for Grace and Jesus! Thank you for sharing.

  • 2012-08-15T13:56:01

Very moving, My uncle just passed away, married to his wife for 53 years... God bless them.....SingWithJesus.Com I want to send a personalized song to Merrill can anyone give me details for Merrill..TY.

  • 2012-08-15T13:35:03

hi yes this did touch me in a way. to enjoy what father has given is we should try not to fail by doing so. my mate is the only one I want to travel home with. I want so bad to be me despite the actions of the world. to love hard. thank you,

  • 2012-08-15T13:29:48

Amen and Amen...you were truly blessed, we can't all say we had someone who shared our lives with on this earth but we can say God is only a breath away for the asking...He stands behind the door that has no knob to open it...just ask and the door will open...you will. l receive the greatest love and joy of your life.

  • 2012-08-15T13:10:08

Merrill, Looking so forward to seeing you in our heavenly home! And of course Gracie!

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