Roel (Poor Street Kid) Performs - I Have Nothing



  • 2014-06-23T00:53:41

Great Talent, thank you Jesus you are so amazing . Praise me Lord

  • 2013-04-17T03:11:24

Was I the only one looking at the commercial more than the boy?

  • 2013-03-20T18:13:15

as good as jackie envanco...simply asome!

  • 2013-03-06T11:34:35

great voice! :)

  • 2013-02-21T20:19:11

Beautiful voice and sings it like a professional singer..the right pitches..just incredible and inspiring!

  • 2013-02-19T16:10:47

Fantastico vocal! He should get a contract!

  • 2013-02-18T21:06:28

This child has been reincarnated with the spirit and voice of the late Whitney Houston..Bless his heart.

  • 2013-02-18T03:27:07

I pray this wonderfully talented boy will be used mightily by the Lord in His vineyard.God Bless him.

  • 2013-02-17T15:03:57


  • 2013-02-17T13:09:54

Doesn't get any better than this. What a voice.

  • 2013-02-17T11:56:03

Just plain amazing no matter where you came from God has His ways in revealing His wonders!

  • 2013-02-16T03:18:06

waoooo the boy is fantastic!

  • 2013-02-16T03:13:18

Truly Amazing voice. I saw the video of him singing on the street and thought it was a fake, BECAUSE HE'S SO UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED. I was WRONG! May the LORD bless you and keep you in your future journey with fame.

  • 2013-02-16T01:09:03

Thw kid is gifted and an up and coming star to add to the legends of music.

  • 2013-02-16T00:19:47

I saw the video of this boy singing in the streets... and watching him now perform on national television - I can't help but cry, overwhelmed by joy that God has truly blessed him with a gift that would not only bring him to a better life but maybe bring more blessings to others he now inspire. may God bless you more, roel...

  • 2013-02-15T20:00:29

I'm amaze w/ his voice, its really gift from GOD, as a filipino citizen I'm proud of him, may he become an inspiration of youth, i wish your sucess kid and you may become blessings to other streets children.

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