BibleStudyTools.com: What is the book of Job all about?-David Murray



  • 2012-12-01T07:58:46

The Holy Bible is not afloat somewhere in the air detached from us and our agonies but totally down to earth. One would be completely comforted to know that the Creator God sees and exactly understands what His creatures with free will go through under the system of injustices of this fallen world. We see His magnificent and enduring sovereignity and our own injustices of different stages in the strict sense in the Book of Job.

  • 2012-12-01T07:46:44

The Book of Job also shows that there is sinfulness and self-conceitedness even among the suffering saints. It's not just the experiences of suffering itself that purge out our evil but encountering the living God and confessions of faith. Job, the three friends of Job, and Elihu said honest things or sensible things until God revealed Himself and concluded the matter in man's life. God scolded Job's friends not for accusing him wrongly but for not-glorifying God as they should. Rich in vital truths. It's the most excellent wisdom literature, indeed.

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