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Happy Ascension Day
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You are Far More Precious than Jewels



Britt Nicole - Gold (Official Music Video)



  • 2015-09-07T18:09:53

Love her!! So uplifting!! Her music may the save young lives - believe in & love your self as God made you!! Don't let the lies of others bring you down - you are Gold!!!

  • 2015-08-21T18:20:13

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  • 2015-08-18T15:29:04


  • 2015-08-18T15:27:04


  • 2015-08-17T16:37:50

I love the song and britt nicole

  • 2015-07-24T16:05:07


  • 2014-09-23T19:52:58

Sometimes that is the best way to open the door.

  • 2014-07-29T16:47:18

I luv this song. You're truly a star. Did you know that the Streets of heaven are paved with transparent gold. I like gold too

  • 2014-07-27T00:36:36

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2014-07-15T14:27:27

I love her songs

  • 2014-05-10T15:46:09

We just had a baby born into our lives and this is a song I would share with her everyday!! I love you Britt Nicole!!!!!

  • 2014-05-07T16:59:09

Amen xsindersoulx. I was wondering if anyone else out there was excersing any Biblical discernment. This song is a bunch of worthless, man-centered, sensual trash. This shouldn't even be allowed to be called Christian music...cause its not!!!

  • 2014-01-06T03:03:33

ho my god I love this video it's amazing. god bless you all!!

  • 2014-01-02T17:23:14

Amazing how the number one song on God Tube mentions nothing about God nor does it glorify Him -if a secular person were to listen to it they would have no idea it's supposed to be "Christian themed" that's not a good thing.

  • 2013-12-31T14:16:20

Adultery? Did not see that in this video. Miley Cyrus is sexually explicit. Britt Nicole? Not in my opinion. This video is meant to reach kids on their level. To tell them that they are worthy of love. Isn't that what Christ tells us? Don't know your "religion" but I do know that God wants us all to know His love. Not just those wearing a suit on Sunday.

  • 2013-11-28T18:50:02

thanks dear its so great God bless