What Does A Lutheran Pastor Look Like? - Nadia Bolz-Weber



  • 2014-01-05T10:31:36

Lee McJeffyjeff Harberts where does the bible say the Mary Magdelene was a prostitute? The only mention of Mary Magdalene in any of the gospels before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is in Luke 8:2, where she is described as one ‘from whom seven demons had gone out’. So who was Mary of Magdala? -- She was a devout disciple of Jesus who helped support his ministry financially and I'm sure she did her part in helping to spread the Truth. She wasn't an adulterer. She wasn't a prostitute. She had been demon possessed before meeting Jesus, was healed, and took up her cross and followed him.

  • 2013-12-29T00:01:39

Lee McJeffyjeff Harberts I totally agree with your reply. http://equalityinmotion.com

  • 2013-10-01T21:25:42

she is only talking about herself!! John 3:3 I must become less and he must become GREATER!!! .. The Bible clearly says don't believe every spirit that comes and says they are the spirit of God but test the spirit by the word of God!!! IT LOOKS AND SOUNDS GOOD ON THE ON SET .... (sideEYE)

  • 2013-09-20T14:34:10

Manon Roderick - I can't find the Andy Stanly series - can you help me out?

  • 2013-09-18T22:46:01

I've gotta find some time to download that book too! The one we chatted about a while back....

  • 2013-09-18T22:44:00

I will check it out!!

  • 2013-09-18T18:24:52

AtomicMom de AuBuchon I did too! I will tell you Andy Stanly who is a bit more conventional is AMAZING. Find his series what is a Christian it will rock your socks. Love having. Friend to share this with.

  • 2013-09-18T16:54:12

I loved her so much that I googled her and watched some of her other stuff!!

  • 2013-09-18T15:37:29

AtomicMom de AuBuchon do u not love the poo out of her! She is my kinda Christian!

  • 2013-09-18T11:43:03

What a great talk! Love it!

  • 2013-09-18T09:33:37

I love her!

  • 2013-09-05T15:18:55

Amen! Let it be so! :-)

  • 2013-06-12T05:07:39

Who are you to judge the heart and actions of others? If i am not mistaken the God I read about, sent a guy here once, His son to be exact, we call Him Jesus, but he goes by other names. My God sent Jesus here to earth, to forgive us, to be sacrificed for our sins. So.... with that being said, I think you should realize this, and understand that you are not the judge, you're research, has no power over God. Let God decide whether she is bad news or not. "Someone said to Jesus "What commandment is the greatest?" Jesus replied with, love thy father with all your heart and mind. this is the greatest commandment of them all. He went on to say, Love thy neighbor, as you love thyself this is the second greatest commandment." Remember this when researching people, don't forget to love them regardless.. Mary Magdelene lived a terrible life, she was a prostitute, she went on to be one of Jesus's greatest advisories.... please, dont forget these things.

  • 2013-05-02T12:34:11

the Lord Jesus said " go and sin no more" giving power to us and through us for "sanctification''. Read all of the Holy Bible, not just parts. It is a love letter to those who love Him. He IS a loving merciful God, let us not forget also that He is a JUST AND RIGHTEOUS GOD too.

  • 2013-04-26T18:54:23

Brad are you talking about the fact that she's a pastor or what exactly? sincerely, max

  • 2013-02-02T03:37:06

for the record. this isn't what lutheran churches/pastors look like... ahaha

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