Father of a Sandy Hook Victim Forgives the Troubled Shooter While Fighting Back Tears



  • 2013-01-29T19:10:50

This is a farce why did he need to get into character before speaking and what was that smirk on his face before he approached the podium. Come on people... I'm tired of us (americans) always being bamboozled by the media. GET REAL! Can't wait for the lord to come back and go hamm on the unbelievers.

  • 2013-01-15T19:01:25

This is a huge hoax by the govt. Too many discrepancies!

  • 2013-01-15T17:42:10


  • 2013-01-15T17:41:07

I'm watching this through different eyes now.......notice the smiles in the beginning..w t f?

  • 2013-01-02T03:46:50

The information is not true. Search for the original fact.

  • 2013-01-02T03:45:07


  • 2013-01-02T03:38:08

La gente no sabe q un minuto antes en este video, este hombre se estaba riendo?

  • 2013-01-01T01:40:08

it is by having strong faith in the Lord that makes it possible to forgive even those who hurt us. Mr Parker is truly a blessing to all of us for his deep faith. I will be continuing to pray for the families touched by this tragedy. There is power in forgiveness and there is much coimfort and healing that can and will come from Our Lord. all these children are now God's Precious Angels.

  • 2012-12-28T03:50:54

You sir, have made the choice to honor God & the memory of your daughter in the most beautiful way. May Father fill your heart to overflowing with more of His presence & anointing so that your pain has benefits with far reaching affects... turning what the devil meant for bad into good in only the way that Jesus can thru you. You're an inspiration & as a fellow sister in the Lord, I'm proud of your courage in the midst of your personal loss. God is close to the broken hearted... God bless your family & comfort you to the depths of your souls.

  • 2012-12-26T17:32:38

May God comfort you and your family. You've shown the world what it means to be Christlike and you've shown the world what Jesus did for us on the cross. Pray that the eyes of the blind and ears of the deaf be opened through the forgiveness you have given the man who killed your baby daughter. God bless you and your family Mr. Parker. Your little girl is safe in the arms of Jesus. Thank God for your faith. God bless you.

  • 2012-12-26T01:25:48

May God bless you with comfort. You are stronger than I and I could only pray that I could be remotely as loving and forgiving as you. My prayers are with you and each of the families.

  • 2012-12-25T22:07:03

Mr. Parker - I lift your family up today because I know Christmas will be most difficult for all of you. I ask Father God to give you and your wife the right words to speak to your other children and the hope that you will all see Emilie one day when all of you get to see Jesus face to face. I know this is not easy but God will give you the strength. I also pray that you and your family have Godly comfort including sleep. I too had my only daughter die unexpectedly. It is one day at a time. Much Love to all of the families that no longer have their little ones to hug and play with. Sincerely, Shannon Hoag

  • 2012-12-25T20:48:23

Our love and prayers are with you - you have made the choice to trust God, our Heavenly Father, through your pain. Emilie is with Jesus - she has seen his face. (She will also have met my dear precious son whom God chose to take to be with Him over 5 years ago (age 25) - a vibrant, inspirational young man who lived a life dedicated to Christ) We KNOW your pain - life will never be the same again - but we have the assurance and HOPE we will see our children again and share eternity with them. God bless you for your courage.

  • 2012-12-23T19:40:48

Robbie Parker. God bless you and your family AND all the other families who lost their precious little angels! You all are in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers!

  • 2012-12-23T17:57:57

What a beautiful, honest, courageous example of love for your daughter and for forgiveness, through your daughter's spirit, to the family of the shooter. I can think of no better way to honor her memory than to pass her love and forgiveness forward. As someone who works closely w/ suffering families, I was asked, as I know many have been, to write my own thoughts about this tragedy... they seem much aligned w/ your beautiful thoughts & words expressed here, so I thought to share the link w/ you, ( http://www.lynneforrest.com/clearing-story/dealing-with-strife-hardship-coping-with-life/2012/12/how-do-we-find-inner-peace-in-the-midst-of-world-tragedy/ ) should you care to read them. May your daughter's shining spirit continue to be a bright light for you & for the world. Blessings to you & your precious family, as you each, in your own way, go through the process of redefining your relationship w/ your precious, precocious, little girl. I carry you in my heart.

  • 2012-12-23T17:44:01

Praying for the comfort & peace as only our God can bestow upon you & your family. Your lovely Emilie is for sure in the arms of Jesus & you will see her again in perfect peace & joy.

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