Where Was God? Mike Huckabee's Incredible Response to the Newtown Shooting Tragedy



  • 2012-12-21T15:13:13

God lives in each one of us. That's why we're here, to help one another and be an example to one another as Christ was for us. As long as you have a brain with which to pray and think for yourself, no one can take God out of your heart or stop you from talking to him in your prayers. No one can take God away from your heart unless you allow it.

  • 2012-12-21T14:40:31

With all due respect to Mr. Huckabee and all the followers in here, his argument falls short on so many levels. I have nothing against those who believe in God, I simply choose to not be brainwashed. From what I understand, God is supposed to be 3 things. Firstly, he is Ominscient, meaning his knows everything, which to me would include the thoughts of the shooter and therefore knowing that the shooter was going to massacre innocent people. Secondly, his is Omnibenelovent, meaning that he is 100% good, and is incapable of doing anything bad. Thirdly, he is supposed to be Omnipotent, meaning he was total power to do anything he wants to do; absolutely nothing is beyond his power. So keeping this in mind, and keep in mind that the attack was primarily focused on the children, God, by definition of what he is, should've stepped in and stopped this before it happened. He could've done a myriad of things from having the shooters car breakdown and hit a pole, causing the police to show up and see that he was armed for war, or not allowed him to open the school door, or caused his weapons to jam, or his bullets to miss. I could add a hundred things to this, but you get my point. God knows everything yet he didn't take steps to stop the shooter knowing what was planned. God is all good, yet allowed bad things to happen to innocent children and adults who sacrificed their lives for those children. God has total power yet he didn't use that power to save the innocent. So God strikes out folks on all counts, and please don't give me the old lame excuse that it was the devil and/or the shooter was simply using his "free will". God has more power than the devil and by definition, should've averted this tragedy. Mr. Huckabee's point that the removal of God from various aspects of society fails also. From what I understand, your relationship with God is a personal one, so it does not matter one iota whether God is part of society or not, if you believe, then God should be okay with you. Those 20 beautiful children were innocent, at an age when they are incapable of making an educated choice on the existence of God, but due to that innocence, they should be automatically granted the love and protection of the God that I believe most if not all of their parents and townsfolk all believed in. Just like God doesn't care about the score of a football game, being what he is supposed to be, he won't care about those in society that don't believe in him, but he will by virtue of his existence believe and protect those who truly believe in him. Tragedies such as this are simply proof of the non existence of God.

  • 2012-12-21T11:15:51

.....(continuation).... back to the three absolute truths, number three is 3.) God's Ultimate Plan for the Destiny of His created humankind. Man's main concern is in the flesh or his temporal existence in contrast to God's main concern for man is his eternal, immortal state of his being ( 1 Corinthians 15:50-58/ 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). I share in the insurmountable sorrows of the bereaved families of the 20 innocent kid victims, but beyond this sorrows they must bear peace and 'joy' (beyond human comprehension) that we have a faithful and loving God of Resurrection who restored Job's all fortunes and even more (Job 42:10-17)! Praise God and Gob bless America!

  • 2012-12-21T11:00:11

.....(continuation)....In the Books of Exodus and Job, man must realize that we have an awesome and all powerful Mighty God who is in control of everything that even satan the devil acknowledges his subordination to God. It may sound absurd and unbelievable that God with His infinite wisdom and sovereignty was the one who ordered the evil one to perform the act. (read Job 1:12, 42:11). The Governor of Connecticut remarked "It is the work of the devil who visited their place" but the possibility that the order to the evil came from God is way beyond the Governors' belief and comprehension. Even Mr. Huckabee readily admitted it is the sole work of the devil.

  • 2012-12-21T10:40:54

.....(continuation).... In fact God was displeased with the three friends of Job who offered personal speculative advises regarding Job's miserable circumstances (Job 42:7). Instead God response to Job's condition is indirect to his actual situation but rather God emphasized His Almighty power shown in His creation (Job chapters 38-40). Please read the entire account of the story of Job and learn ultimate message of who God really is.

  • 2012-12-21T10:29:35

....(continuation).... The following Biblical verses confirm this : (Exodus 6:7, 7:5,17, 8:22, 14:4, 16:12/ Psalm 46:10, 100:3/ Isaiah 40:5, 41:20, 43:10, 49:23/ Joel 2:27, 3:17. All these verses and more , God declares and quote " KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD". The Book of Job classically elaborates God's desire for humanity to know and accept His Sovereignty in all things, His Omnipotence, Omniscience and Almighty power who created heavens, the universe and everything on it.

  • 2012-12-21T09:57:29

....(continuation)....Let's search His Word for these absolute truths in particular. 1.) His Will - God hates sin (Proverbs 6:16-20,23/ Psalm 45:7/ Hebrew 1:9/ 1John 3:4/ Romans1:32, 4:15, 6:23). We are all familiar with God's Law (10 Commandments) and this is His Will. 2.) His Attributes. It is God's earnest desire for man to grasp and understand His ultimate Attribute as the only Sovereign and Mighty Creator of heavens and the earth.This is revealed repeatedly by God in His Word.

  • 2012-12-21T09:47:53

...(continuation)... How then can man be able to understand this incident (Connecticut massacre) in light of God's perspective? Definitely only God can answer in absolute truth through His Word - in the pages of the Bible. Three absolute truths can be learned and understood in His Word: 1.) His Will 2.) His Attribute 3.) His Ultimate Plan for the Destiny of His creation (humanity in particular).

  • 2012-12-21T09:38:59

Why and Where is GOD? A divine question that's not in the domain of human reasoning and speculation for man to find right and absolute answer that only God can. I may agree with Mike Huckabee's speculations but I am more interested in what God reveals in His Word - the Bible. In fact it is beyond human comprehension and logic to understand the reasons behind answers to this question: WHY and WHERE is GOD under this circumstance.In fact we (human) absolutely have no right to question God's righteousness in Biblical perspective. Nobody is perfect except God.

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  • 2012-12-21T05:21:35

This was very well put Mr. Huckabee, couldn't agree with you more. God Bless you!

  • 2012-12-21T05:15:23

Nice! I'm not a full beliver but ill never count it out :)

  • 2012-12-21T04:40:49

who's to say God showed up at all the places He described? it is the recompense of the evil of violence and wicken worship. america is ridiculous with guns everywhere. guns are evil. and people who have cold hearts crave them. we need to find out what the young boy was so mad about. I like our president.

  • 2012-12-21T03:51:46

Awesome, Dan. I agree.

  • 2012-12-21T03:49:59

Words of true comfort, Janet. Can you imagine our state if he wasn't always faithful?

  • 2012-12-21T03:38:41

Beautifully stated

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