Exposing Islam's (Hidden Goals) TARGET is YOU! And Anyone WHO OPPOSES Islam, Mohammed, or Allah! YOU NEED TO KNOW The REAL THREAT Behind Radical Muslims - (Mohammed's History) Part-1



  • 2012-03-03T04:32:51

I can NOT BELIEVE "HOW MUCH" Information is in packed into this Video! THERE IS SO MUCH INFO - THAT I THINK MANY PASTORS NEED TO KNOW THE ISLAMIC AGENDA FOR ALL "NON" MUSLIMS! Amazing! I praise our Lord Jesus Christ that William Federer stepped out to reveal all the "Hidden Secrets" behind Islam, that are very serious threats!

  • 2012-03-03T04:28:02

FINALLY - SOMEONE IS CLEARING UP THE DECEPTION ABOUT MUSLIIMS, and ISLAM'S AGENDA! The Islamic, Muslim god called: "ALLAH". is NOT: the same God of the Holy Bible. is NOT: the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. is NOT: "God the Father" over Jesus Christ. is NOT: "I AM" - God's Name in Exodus. is NOT: "YHWH" - Hebrew Tetrogram of God's Name. is NOT: "YESHUA" - Jesus Christ. is NOT: The God of Israel. is NOT: The God of Christianity. is NOT: The Almighty God, our Creator.

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