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Always There
Do you believe that the Lord is always with you?

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Chosen, Holy, and Dearly Loved



Thanksgiving Chair



  • 2011-11-20T11:34:08

whoo whooooo its very nice my heart is thing about this every second thank you prisy thank you I never forget this ones again thank you so much.

  • 2011-11-19T02:38:40

video not found or access denied. : (

  • 2011-11-18T15:41:20

Live Each Day with A Thankful Heart ♥.

  • 2011-11-18T13:11:24

Wow!! Raymond, such a simple chair but a serious dose of Gratitude, we are given the choice to choose to see things differently in our everyday journey we can choose how we feel and act in the world.if we stop think and appreciate, we might be amazed at how we begin to see and act differently. There will always be more people who do not have enough than those who do. Appreciation and gratitude is a powerful emotion The more grateful you are and the more you really feel the more you will experience positive change, am so believing this. Raymond.If the prayer we share with God is thank you every day I believe it is a stepping stone! to be Walking with God and A life he really wants us to experience for each of us.. HAPPY DAY SUNSHINE and thanx for shareing.

  • 2011-11-18T05:26:15

Thanks for sharing; this is a great reminder to be Thankful In ALL things!! "What if we only had today, what we were Thankful for yesterday?"

  • 2011-11-18T03:42:03

Nossa simples e fortemente impactador... tirou meu sono, me ministrou muito... Como eu devo mudar! Como eu devo usar essa cadeira mais vezes

  • 2011-11-18T01:48:08

Nash Fouad Thanks much, Nash. Don't know about you, but keeping a steady, even attitude/spirit for lengthy seasons requires more and more abandonment of self........... and an all out profession/confession of my present need for His enablement!

  • 2011-11-17T19:01:37

The video may have been wordless but it said so much I could never sumerize it.

  • 2011-11-17T18:51:44

God bless you Mike, Yes . . giving thanks in everything, out of an undivided purposeful spirit,. . Amen.

  • 2011-11-17T18:07:09


  • 2011-11-17T17:11:04

So true, for what of THIS world really matters. Let us continue to Praise God, and continue to give thanks for Eternal Salvation that has been bought by the Blood of Christ. For Eternal Life is infinitely longer than this short life on earth.

  • 2011-11-17T16:54:56

An ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE both for the good things and in the not so great stuff is THE WILL OF GOD. If we struggle with that, we need to quickly get over ourselves.

  • 2011-11-17T15:18:37

Whe all need grace

  • 2011-11-17T14:45:59

I wish that I would sit in the Thanksgiving chair more. I am going to work harder to do that Lord. Sitting in it now).

  • 2011-11-17T14:31:43

For some it is a daily 'sacrifice of praise', or maybe thanksgiving too........ situations can press hard on one's heart seemingly crushing our exhaling ability to appreciate, trust, and acknowledge our sovereign Shepherd. As C.S. Lewis hinted something like:He either shouts in our pain, or maybe it is only a whisper. His timing, not ours is perfect, for His purposes.....not mine. Grace me today to bless you Lord at all everything giving thanks out of an undivided purposeful spirit.

  • 2011-11-17T13:31:02

I like to think I sit in the Thanksgiving chair. I have not had to experience the sorrow of some but would like to think I would react like the father in the video. Powerful!