Two Year Old’s Precious Reaction To Video Of Her Dad Who Is In The Military



  • 2012-04-18T19:22:19

Donna Franklin AMEN...!!!!

  • 2012-03-14T13:11:33

So sweet..

  • 2012-01-20T22:37:56

What a way to make the best of life's situations, adorable god bless the family especially the real men in this world.

  • 2011-12-07T01:20:22

That was precious indeed. And she was gorgeous!

  • 2011-12-05T22:21:42

This is so adorable..

  • 2011-12-01T03:36:17

God bless xoxo.

  • 2011-11-30T21:10:04

I TRIED TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT BUT CANT.. help me please? thank you gbu all.

  • 2011-11-29T13:39:44

Shawn, I will pray for the Lord Jesus to bring your home safely to your family speedily!

  • 2011-11-29T13:34:50

How beautiful is the innocence of little children. No wonder, they have a special place in God's heart! Praise the Lord for His little ones.

  • 2011-11-08T22:15:12

Aww how sweet!

  • 2011-10-27T02:55:40

How sweet...

  • 2011-10-26T10:49:11

wow , that must be great

  • 2011-10-26T10:47:15

wow what a beauty I wish every one should have a baby like this cute little baby.

  • 2011-10-25T21:23:01

What a cute video. I couldn't imagine being away from my children. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • 2011-10-25T17:46:30

That is a long time... I'm sure she's missing you too. Best wishes!

  • 2011-10-25T15:31:58

true love

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