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Facebook If the doctrine of "original sin" implies that I am guilty for something Adam did, how is that fair?-Shai Linne



  • 2012-02-04T14:38:17

The expression is made many times, "Why is God punishing us for something that Adam and Even did wrong? That's not fair". And indeed, if it were as simple as that, it would be unfair. But it is not. The "original sin" means just that: the sin and condition that spread itself throughout God's Creation. It started in Satan in heaven, when he grew conceited and rebellious. Cast out of Heaven as God's arch-angel, he spread that original sin and state of sin to Eve and Adam. He appealed to their conceit and told them that, if they would consume the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge (of Experiencing and Thereby Controlling, Supposedly) Good and Evil, they would become as wise and powerful as God. When they did, Eve through being tricked, sinned, and Adam, by the inference of Scripture's wording, sinned deliberately, for whatever reason, as pointed out by Paul (1st Timothy 2:14---the woman was deceived, not the woman and the man). Clearly, their act of defiance opened the door for Satan to act. I can only speculate that there was something in that fruit that altered their natures, killed their spirits and separated them from God, and poisoned the rest of their beings so that they became sinful by nature and would eventually die completely. I can only speculate on that point. But at that moment, their spirits died, they began to die, and they did become sinful by nature. Even worse, this nature of death and sinfulness became a part of their natures permanently, and they passed it down to other human beings, down to this very day. Therefore, God is not being petty and vengeful by being angry at innocent people for the wrong that Adam and Eve committed. He is being just in pointing out that the effects of the original sin live in us, as passed down to us, and therefore we are just as guilty by nature as they were. We were not there in the Garden of Eden, truly, and we did not commit that act of defiance and pass sin and death down to generations to come. But our natures, apart from His, would have driven us to do the same thing in a play for power and independence from God. We are held responsible, not for the action that brought the original sin into humanity, but for the shared nature that is saturated with the effects of the original sin. That is why God had to condemn all of our sinful natures so that He could come through Jesus, take all of our sinful natures upon Himself, conquer sin and death as only He could do, and give us His Nature in return if we would only accept His Gift. Eternal death removed and exchanged for Eternal life. He had to condemn collectively so that He could offer forgiveness collectively. It was best. We all became sinful and dead because we shared Adam's nature. But now, we could and can become pure and alive because we share in God's Nature because of what He did for us. There is no better way, there is no other way. No, it is not "fair", but not in the way that most people mean it. "Fairness" would entail sending every human being to hell with Satan and his angels. But God has not been fair and just. He paid our collective penalty for us through Jesus and reversed His Decision if we would accept His Act of Redemption. Fair? Far beyond fair. Merciful beyond comprehension.

  • 2012-02-02T03:23:30

Sin is a disease that is passed on fr generation to generation. Jesus is the only cure. Those who don't accept Jesus as our only Redeemer will die from this disease.

  • 2012-02-01T22:34:02

GOD wanted us to ALWAYS need HIM. So being born with sin, we'll ALWAYS need HIM. JESUS died for those sins, but we still continue to sin. That's why HE said, I AM, the WAY the TRUTH, & the LIFE. NO- ONE comes to the FATHER but through ME. So we will ALWAYS NEED HIM because we STILL SIN!