Christianity.com: What is the importance of reading and understanding the Bible in its proper context?-Scotty Smith



  • 2012-06-28T03:33:24

The Bible is written to interpret itself, therefore when quoted a verse out of context and depend on it solely to explain the whole Bible throghs everything out of gear.You can't let the Bible say what you want others to hear or forward your own agenda.The culture of quoting out of contxt is the cause of several misunderstandings in the Christian world.Stay in CONTEXT, POSTEXT and PROOFTEXT.God bless you and I cherish the text.

  • 2012-06-28T01:33:02

Amen. A single verse or even a phrase from the Holy Bible shines and pierces like a bright super nova, and yet knowing the whole interprets it with the appropriate depth and dimension. One amazing, amazing Item on Planet Earth. We know we are meaningful against the vastness of the universe because of our Lord Jesus and the existence of the Holy Bible on earth. Thank God for giving us His Son, His Spirit, and His written Word.

  • 2012-06-27T14:59:08

I am studying bible everyday in my grade v class. Its helps me to have deep understanding.

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