Christianity.com: How can a Christian interact with culture without compromising holiness?-Brian Hedges



  • 2012-03-15T04:26:10

Aside from the Holy Bible, if there is a better literature than the autobiography of Therese of Lisieux in this world, I'd really like to know!

  • 2012-03-15T04:17:55

Humans are sensual, mean and blood-thirsty by birth and by practice. No matter what the world does, Chrisians must keep procaiming what is reality regardng humanity with honesty and what God does about it without maginfying humanism, paganism, sensuality, contempts and cruelty. Christians' creativity is for glorifying God alone with honest hearts; for that God gives the finest creativity to His people as we have seen in the world history.

  • 2012-03-15T04:10:30

A quote from Dr. Larry Crabb "Recipes are useful in a well-lighted kitchen. Recipe theology, that collection of practical biblical principles that tell us what to do in every situation, treats confusion as something to be solved rather than entered. It reduces the mysteries of life to things we can manage." The Silence of Adam, Page 66. The Christian education(edification) and our battles against flesh, the world, and Satan and his allies in all forms continue till the world ends. Christians discern what belongs to God and what does not because of the Holy Spirit and His Word.

  • 2012-03-14T16:15:56

Amen. Humans are depraved, therefore the human cultures and the productions of humans are depraved. Everything under the sun gets deteriorated or polluted over time, and God renews the surface of the earth time to time. There is a way to keep holiness, purity and dedication in all environment such as Daniel and his friends' cases. (Daniel ch.1) Unholy delicacies are always offered to us, but studying the Holy Bible brings discernment to know what God loves and what He hates thus what to take in and what to reject in all generations and in every culture. His Word reveals how empty what the world offers is, and continuous obedience diminishes the desires for any trash. The Holy Spirit helps us, too. Though there are different growth rates, truly redeemed Christians don't entertain with sins.

  • 2012-03-13T16:11:05

We are sent into the world as sheeps amidst the wolves. This we can not shy away from as long as we want to be faithful to our calling. We are the light of the world; a light shinning bright in the midst of darkness! Our light can only shine when placed in the midst of darkness.

  • 2012-03-13T16:04:04

We will be sent as disciples where the lost are that God wants us to reach. We can't know where this mission field is as we are the follower of Christ and not the loner who works independently of Him. Jesus was as much God as He was man and was tempted at His death. However, the scriptures do not give any indication that He was tempted in His Deity by going to Cana. He came and died and gave His life to save the lost and He was God in the flesh and that is why we can't assume we can come and go as He did. We no longer live but Christ in us who is our Hope in Glory. We are saved but not perfected here.

  • 2012-03-13T15:01:14

How do we get to the ones who need Christ most if we are not going into their environment To believe that drinking is sinful would put down the first miracle in Cana, would mean that Jesus could not have gone to an establishment and had his feet wash by the tears and dried with the hair of a sining woman. He would not had spoken to the woman at the well, or recognized that money or family were much more important than following Jesus. We are to be ready to stand for Jesus in whatever our environment but we do not have to be brought down to build others up.

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