Christianity.com: “Counterfeit Gospels” ~ An Interview with Trevin Wax



  • 2011-05-25T21:07:58

Well Betty, it is a worthy cause, and God does want us to honor his creation, and be worthy stewards of what God has given us. Be sure to take a strong biblical approach to being zealous for looking after creation. Be very careful of a humanistic / new age approach to this matter as it will essentially rob your time and energy... Here's a good Idea, if you're feeling very strongly about this. Take the reigns, Pray about it, get into the Word regarding it, HEAR from God about what he wants you to share with His body regarding it, run this by your Pastor to make sure you're being accountable... and then see how you can put your own video regarding this together! I'm sure that you'll find heaps of help to do this right in your local church. Then you can share it here! Go for gold!

  • 2011-05-25T15:18:21

Hello everyone. I am christian and latest days I have felt heavy pain for abused animals. Suddenly, while receiving Christian inspirational videos and great inspirational devotionals I noticed NONE is doing NOTHING in favor of cruelty against animals....Why?

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