Heaven is For Real - Colton Burpo



  • 2011-07-26T15:49:42

Thank you, Colton, for sharing your experience!

  • 2011-07-25T20:43:05

My son had a similar experience when he was 2 and a half. We were not church goers at the time but he told us that he went to visit God. He said that he sat at God's feet and played with his dog. My son is an animal lover and I believe that God was soothing Billy with that dog. At 2 1/2 years old he gave us great details about what the dog looked like and what God was wearing but could not see God's face. He said that God told him that it was time to go back to his parents and he said "No, I want to stay and play with your dog". Then he said that God took him by the hand (with the boo-boo on it), lifted him up and sent him home as God's dog smiled at him! We are now church going Christians!

  • 2011-07-25T19:47:11

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  • 2011-07-25T19:34:01

Jackie, read the whole of this passage of Scripture of which you refer to...

  • 2011-07-25T18:43:26

Patricia, we can only state what we know from the bible. anything else is speculation. If you read all my comments, you will see that the Bible does not support the idea that when you die, your soul goes to heaven or hell. I offered to send or present every bible text to support what I am saying for those who are willing to look at the Bible evidence. We don't have a soul distinct and separate from our body. The Bible clearly teaches that man "became" a living soul, or creature. God did not give him a soul. A person's soul is the sum total of his physical body, plus the breath of life. Once that breath of life leaves a person they are said to be "sleeping" awaiting the resurrection. Once you see understand what the Bible teaches on this subject, you would immediately know that Colton's vision/experience was not based on the word of God, and that is the only source we can use to determine between the counterfeit and the genuine. Have you done a thorough study on this topic on your own, taking all verses on the subject from Genesis to Revelation and lined them up to see what the Bible teaches on this subject? Or are you regurgitating what you have been told by your parents, priest, teacher or minister? People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true. The idea that people's souls go to heaven is one of those counterfeit teachings of the bible. Satan has counterfeited every major doctrine if the Bible to deceive the very elect. Again, why is this false belief so dangerous? It opens the door to spiritualism, friends and loved ones appearing to us from the past, and in the last days, spiritualism will be one of the main tools Satan uses to sweep millions into eternal loss. the final test to really knowing whether a Bible doctrine is true or not is found in Matthew 7:21, If any man wills to do my will, he/she will know of the doctrine whether it be of God. If people are not willing to follow God's will, see His will, know His will, no amount of "proof" will convince them of anything. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it was enough proof to show He was the Son of God, and yet, that very miracle, which should have convinced the religious leaders He was the Messiah made them determined to kill him and Lazarus. Please, send me a Bible study on the topic and I will willingly look at what you believe and see if it is true or not.

  • 2011-07-25T18:25:15

To clarify, what I meant was he did see something, but what he saw wasn't necessarily from God.

  • 2011-07-25T12:27:49

I believe that Colton is to young to logically express the interaction with his sister who died. The spirit which gives life to the body is very capable of feeling and maybe the presence of her spirit was so overwhelming that it enveloped him - Colton's spirit left his body but remember, the spirit is what quickens the body. As humans, we often want to substantiate the word of God with physical evidence or scientific proof but God is Omniscent, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent and we will not understand His perfect will until we are ushered into heaven. B blessed!

  • 2011-07-25T04:13:18

Virginia, you are correct. No one went to Heaven until Jesus rose from the dead. I met Ivanka, one of the visionaries from Medjugorie recently, and she asked Mary where her mother was. Mary told her she was right here, and she then appeared with Mary. She had been in a lot of pain and suffering before she died, and Ivanka said she looked like she did before she got sick, and she also hugged Ivanka. This was a little different in that Ivanka is still living, but she was hugged by her mother's spiritual body. I am anxious to read Colton's book. God puts these people on earth to encourage the rest of us. If only the world would listen.

  • 2011-07-25T02:35:31

Virginia...The Bible says that Enoch, Moses and Elijah all entered heaven before Christ was resurrected. I agree with you, that Heaven is a wonderful place prepared for those who love God. I believe Colton and family love God. I am not questioning their relationship with Him. Just sharing what the Bible teaches on the subject. I would be open to seeing the bible texts that show heaven wasn't open until Jesus was resurrected. Anyone who would like to know what the Bible really teaches on this subject, I would be happy to supply the Bible texts to study on your own. Truth looses nothing by close scrutiny, so we can't be afraid to study all that the Bible says about these important issues.

  • 2011-07-25T02:13:55

As a Catholic, Colton's story does fit the Scriptures. Heaven wasn't open, when Lazarus died. The gates of heaven opened at Christ's Resurrection. Because Scripture does not mention what Lazarus saw, if anything. Does not mean, he didn't see anything. The story is of the Power of Christ in rising those from the dead not about Lazarus. Scripture says that heaven is above anything that we can imagine, our brain is too small so stop trying to figure it out. Cherish this small peak at heaven from God.

  • 2011-07-25T00:50:56

Becky, I never said we wouldn't have a physical body in heaven. I agree we will. The best way to understand many teachings of the Bible is to look at what God created and intended when He first created the earth. Adam and Eve were not spirits. They had physical bodies. All I was pointing out is many Christians teach that when a person dies, they are separated from their dead body while their soul lives on and either goes directly to Heaven or to hell. If they had a soul that floats to heaven on death, it wouldn't be a spirit and as such not have a physical body. But Colten said, his sister (whose soul went directly to heaven upon death) hugged him. Physical contact, physical body, but if you follow the logic of this false Bible teaching, she couldn't have hugged him if she were a spirit (soul) departed from a physical body. You can't have it both ways. My comment about Lazarus was that he said nothing about going to heaven (during the 4 days he laid in the tomb) because never went there. If you believe when a person dies, they go directly to heaven, how cruel the act of resurrecting Lazarus from the dead by Jesus, forcing him back to this dark, painful world.

  • 2011-07-24T22:44:49

@ Charles...Lazarus didnt say anything because Jesus wasn't up there....Jesus was right there with him when he walked out of the cave...AND every person has his/their own second coming of Jesus. AND, it also teaches that we will be seperated from this earthen vessel & receive a new body---free from disease & pain! So, Charles, we WILL be able to hug!!! The baby that dies in his moms belly was not dead in heaven...she was alive & she knew who he was when he came up there.

  • 2011-07-24T22:38:23

7th Day Adventists believe in soul sleep.

  • 2011-07-24T19:28:12

The Bible does not support this childs story! Hebrews 9:27 - "And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment." Do we believe Scripture or do we believe a story of a child whose parents have profitted. This is the great delimma with American Christianity today. Anything goes except for what the Bible really says... GOD does not apporve!

  • 2011-07-24T17:55:08

Like this young child, I have been to heaven as well. Hearing colton talk about it, brought the memory back vividly. Brought tears to my eyes. Like colton, I did not want to come back. But Jesus told me that I was not finished my work yet. I cry evertime I hear people sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." Because that is what I heard in Heaven! Best way to describe Heaven, is Home, and I know my journey will bring me Home some day... Praise Jesus Stan Komarniski http://www.iamneo.org/prophecy.htm

  • 2011-07-24T17:24:58

One thing what do we say Mom or whoever relative when to be with Lord ? and just pass away few years ago or so . It is that when we die we go to heaven or it is that this little boy was four years old. How much sins could he have at that age God knows what He does or will do with each one of us I believe in heaven and I want to see Jesus some day. what a honor had the boy and what a faith has his dad very encouraging God hears us people let us pray more.

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