Iraqi Orphan With No Hands Wows X Factor Audience Singing Imagine



  • 2011-09-02T01:02:31

I hope godtube will choose a more godly song next time.

  • 2011-09-02T00:57:17


  • 2011-09-02T00:42:12

That was cool. I wish I could sing.

  • 2011-09-02T00:38:19

Like most people who commented, my first thought when I saw this was, "Why in the world is THIS song on GODTube?" But reading the comments, I know why - so this dear young man would have many, many believers praying for him. God never runs out of ways to reach people.

  • 2011-09-01T23:57:26

I agree with Joanne and Darcel. I cant place this on my fb page, because it denotes about who I am as a christian. But I do hope that he see's where he got his gift from and was surprise that GOD TUBE featured this with that song.

  • 2011-09-01T23:31:57

@Thea Justice... John Lennon wrote this song with particular meaning.. NO GOD.. NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO BORDERS, FREE SIN... you have to understand the life of liberated souls at that time. It basically says God doesn't matter. No heaven... therefor no hell? Therefore anything goes if it feels good. Emmanuel has awesome tallent and is blessed, but this was not a good song to post here without explanation. God bless you all.

  • 2011-09-01T23:18:39

Katrina, thanks for your input. Lennon's song is the epitome of humanism and wishing there was no afterlife (no heaven, it’s easy if you try). Imagine no religion, i.e. no teaching of how to find God. Tell me, was the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm over religion? No, each was over tyranny and freedom. I know the humanistic mentality has done a great job of stating that but it's simply not true. Ask yourself, did we go into Kuwait to destroy their religion or try to establish a democracy. With the fragile democracy that has been established, there is more of a freedom to worship in peace. Yes, there has been wars such as the crusades that were about protecting Jerusalem but it is far from ALL WARS. War is a result of man wanting world domination not religion or creeds, did Alexander the Great conquer continents to establish his religious beliefs? Rome conquered the entire known world because Caesar wanted to rule the world, and later where subjugated by the Barbarians. We’ve seen the same through history with the Persians, the Medes, the Spaniards as well as modern leaders such Chinese Emperors, Russia and Hitler, etc. World peace is only an option after the creator of all things sits on His earthly throne and through war (Battle of Armageddon) has destroyed the adversary. Lennon’s teaches that peace can be found without God. Katrina, I believe you would agree with me that peace is impossible internally or with others without God.

  • 2011-09-01T22:55:14

If you think you are going through hard times,just watch Emmanuel and be encouraged.

  • 2011-09-01T22:50:41

One of the most incredible performance I have seen in my life.Way to go.

  • 2011-09-01T22:46:49

That was awesome, words cant describe it.Thank you.

  • 2011-09-01T22:38:37

Karen... why is it a great song? How does it speak the truth? Beatles wrote some songs that will be around after I'm dead but that doesn't mean they speak truth.

  • 2011-09-01T22:09:40

Songs that are clearly Jesus-centered are wonderful. Songs can also have beauty in speaking the truth of real experience. "Imagine" acknowledges the problems of human religious and geo-political division and false motives, of the wish that we did good from our hearts and not from fear/desire of rewards and punishments. It's certainly a world for which Emmanuel carries obvious outward scars. Maybe if all our scars from this broken world were as outward looking we'd be more compassionate to each other and God would be glorified. Some of Jesus' harshest words were spoken against His religious establishment. He promised those who believe on Him a new life and a new heart not another new system of religion -- and certainly asks for a loyalty and fellowship among us that no country can contain. Singing of worldly truth, even where it is a bit ugly and incomplete, and the best "goodness" at which many know to strive, gives me gratitude that I've tasted God's grace and trust He is mighty to work all things for His good. Romans 8:28. "Imagine" in its challenging lyrical beauty just might do that. Emmanuel - whose name means "God with us" - certainly may see his life blessed to bring glory for God too. Listening to him and his story brings me to praise Jesus.

  • 2011-09-01T21:39:15

wow.. God Bless and good luck.

  • 2011-09-01T20:55:31

Double like

  • 2011-09-01T20:32:32

Christians believe in a real heaven and a real hell. We don't discard the suffering of others, we reach out in love and compassion. The singer is talented, the lyrics-pointless. It does point out the human problem "living for today" no destiny, no purpose. Only Jesus can give both and more!!!

  • 2011-09-01T19:35:27

I agree that what his mother did exemplifies true religion, but to say that this video is "full of true Christianity" is far from the truth. You cannot overlook the choice of the song... he chose the song. The song has a message. The message is not Christian.... "nothing to live or die for... no religion, too." I cannot overlook that... and my belief is that the world finds Christians who are so wishy-washy and cannot make a firm stand for what they claim to believe so much the more obnoxious and annoying. I love people because I am a Christian, not just because they were born without hands and found in a shoebox. I hate the things that oppose true Christianity because I am a Christian. Don't ask me to feel good about them.... Jesus said, "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." Don't accuse me of straining at a gnat because I call it like it is. That, perhaps is more like Jesus than what you may have considered. Many things in this world appear to be beautiful on the outside, but are damaging on the inside. To casually accept and applaud them in the name of "love" is decidedly, UnChristian. Those who do so, I question whether they fully understand what love really is... for as a father of children whom I love, I had to learn very quickly, as the Bible instructs, that love also corrects, protects and disciplines, as well as showers with affection. Correction without love is abuse, but love without correction... doesn't exist.

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