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Sister of Ben Breedlove Delivers POWERFUL Speech At His Funeral



  • 2012-02-12T05:49:54

God bless the Breedlove family. May you find peace in knowing you will all will be reunited in heavenly peace. What a joyous day that will be for your loving family. You are so blessed to have the Christian family that you do. God bless and know that many prayers are being said for you and your family.

  • 2012-02-12T05:43:53

Jennifer Sheaff Turner I also read the book Heaven Is for Real and I agree it is a great book. I have recommended the book to alot of people. Knowing Heaven is for real gives familes great peace in the loss of their loved ones. I rejoice in knowing that I will see my loved ones and Jesus when it is my time to die

  • 2012-02-01T05:07:43

You know I had seen his videos on youtube and was so happy that he knew God. I am a teacher that teaches Webmastering and my students had to create a fav celebrity site and one of my student chose to do one for Ben Breedlove and I thought that was so thoughtful that she looked passed the glamour of the people that I suggested and wanted to do one on him. You never know who God sends to bless you. I am glad that he touched me and my student. May God bless the Breedlove family and I know what you are going through as well, but just know that one day we will meet again on the other side.

  • 2012-01-29T06:00:58

Ally, thank you for helping us to know Ben a little better. Now those of us were not touched in his fleshly life are able to remember the love of Christ through his legacy. God Bless you Ally and the rest of your family.

  • 2012-01-25T05:06:34

Cody Williams , I do not blame God at all. I was saying at the time this happened I was mad at God . I have put total TRUST in God that he knows best !! I am not angry at all at God. It was a long process of healing . My point I was making was that We Must Trust in Him and keep living and help others understand that He is the reason to move forward in our lives. I Thank God everyday for blessing me with the time he allowed me to have with my beautiful children. If I came across any other way I am sorry . Death is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new life with our Heavenly Father . Thank you for the reply also for your prayers :)

  • 2012-01-25T04:35:12

Terri Goulette I'm sorry for your pain and anger, but it's has nothing to do with God. Can't blame to God. It's us, because we are sinners right here on planet earth. We are trouble everywhere here on this earth. There are huge violence in our country, but look at Jesus was pain and suffering on his cross. I can't imagine and I say...."why? Why? Why? They put Jesus on his cross? What Jesus got to do with it? Jesus hasn't done anything wrong?!" Do you know why??? It's us because we are guilty and shame. (sinners) I know...I'm trying, but I failed it; I cried. We have too much trouble to work it out. Remember what the Bible said..."Be still, know that I am God." Trust God and let him help you, but please be patience with God. Not his fault. It is our fault, we all making so many mistake. I'll pray for you and your family and I'll pray for my family also. God bless you, Terri

  • 2012-01-16T00:09:09

Ben is such a special Child of God. He is bringing people to Jesus by his video. The light of the Lord shows on his face. I know how you feel. My sister passed in April, 2011. May our Lord give you comfort during this difficult time.

  • 2012-01-15T23:25:33

Awww. :( Ben is such a beloved person. They all know he's in Heaven with God.

  • 2012-01-13T00:45:41

God's word tells us in the new testament that "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". Unknown author, "I close my eyes to this world....and open them to GOD."I too have had many losses in this life, a little brother, a father, grandparents, but the most painful, the loss of a young nephew to suicide. My only son was wrongfully accused and imprisoned for what is termed a "life sentence". Through it all, the only saving grace- the knowing that I have that this life is not it- the only solid, tangible lifeline is knowing that I know that I know-GOD is, and was and ever will be..and sent HIS only son, JESUS CHRIST to die for ME- that I may have eternal you at the gates!

  • 2012-01-12T01:27:40


  • 2012-01-12T01:25:23

:( not true

  • 2012-01-10T21:47:05

Wow- intense... You must still have a mission, Kris.

  • 2012-01-10T19:21:32

Dear Steve, Warren and Melba ,I know your pain as well. My son was killed in a plane crash with his father who had kidnapped him , both of them parished on May 26, 2000 and before this my oldest daughter will killed by a doctor. plus at 23 my 1st husband was killed in a sudden car accident as well . When I was going through grief the 1st time I questioned God so many times, God's answer was clear to me to move closer to him in spirit and heart . Then when my daughter was killed a few short years later ( after my husband and before my son ) I was like Ok come on God why have you done this to me again ? Then the 3rd time when my son was killed I was just down right mad at God. Why was he taking away all he had given to me in the first place ? I felt like Job ! Then I met and married again and had another child at 37 no less and I figured this was a blessing from him . I had her and is was a struggle again and I divorced this time and just followed my walk with God and asked him one day is this it ? , this is all you have for me ? . During this time I had run into and old highschool friend and he was raising his daughter on his own and her mother had walked out on the both of them ,he was and still is an acholic , before you know it I was raising her as well and she has now been with me for 10 years ( I call her my Saving Grace ) and my youngest daughter is 13. God's blessings were many. I love Isaiah 61 for my girls where it says you will be rewarded with double :) Once I started to let go and truly let God and his purposes were right in front of me . Since then I have moved to another state and focus on God 1st and then my girls , I have fell in love with a community in Southeast Louisiana of Native Indians and help them with raising things for their community and also follow God's path that he lays out everyday. My point is never stop living because we have lost someone so precious to us, we are to keep living and help bring more people to Christ Jesus. He brings us home in His time not Ours , Everyones Heart Bleeds the same when it comes to Greif. I Celebrate each day now, when I was afraid to laugh, I weep when I read all these stories knowing the whole time I was never alone because of my Walk with Jesus his path lead me right here as well :) ..God Bless all Yall

  • 2012-01-10T17:29:21

I had a vision/trandimensional revelation from the Lord you might say, it was the same thing...i never wanted to come back..and ever since then...i can't stop thinking about's made me obsessed with heaven. I tell unbelievers, and even Christians...and they sometimes look at me like I'm crazy. but they don't understand because they haven't experienced it. last night I was driving before I saw this video of him..and I was crying thinking about my experience and wanting to go HOME so bad. the reason God doesn't show most people heaven, or let them experience it, is because He knows it will make them long to go there so bad that this life will become hard to bear. This is my vision. I was laying on my bed after a time of prayer and distress about how my flesh had been controlling me, praying for God to help me overcome. As I layed on my bed suddenly the roof of my room turned into a blue sky, and clouds were going by, and radiant sunshine was pouring down. God spoke, I know it was God because only God can make you feel the way I felt when each word went thru me with a feeling I never have felt again...we talk about that 'peace that surpasses all understanding' this was something I can never describe to someone, they only can know by feeling it. God spoke, and each word went thru my body...each word felt like bliss and like something was healing me with each Word of the Maker speaking into me. He said, 'Actions are the beginning of Character' and then the vision went away. The feeling was so indescribable, that when I would think about it I would tear up. and it frustrated that people looked at me, even Christians, with a smerk when I told them the story. or even if they did believe me..they couldn't relate. last night as I was driving thinking about this, and how frustrating it was for people to not understand..but most of all how it has consumed me with the afterlife, with heaven. I needed someone to relate with, someone who understood me...and today on facebook I saw Ben's video with the post cards...and it was like..'yes, this is it...he understands..he understands about heaven..about not wanting to come back. now he is there and the greatest thing about it.....though his family an friends might be feeling pain...he is not. he finally gets to be in that place that most people cannot even begin to understand the magnitude of indescribable happiness and peace.......there's only one thing keeping me on planet earth..and that's my mission. My mission is not done yet, God still has many things for me to do..and one day, I will be promoted, and go to heaven..and who knows what's going to happen there..

  • 2012-01-09T23:28:15

Dear Steve, I also lost my son, it was many years ago. I could write pages to you. I totally understand how you feel. You just miss them so much. When the grief starts to get the best of you, get going. Get out of the house, make yourself go, and pray as you go. Ask God to comfort you and to put someone in your path that is in need. They may need a hand or just a kind word. I guarantee you that you won't have to look far. Do it in honor of your son Greg and in service to God. When my mother was living I use to say to her "now Mom if anything happens to me unexpected you know I"ll be with Jesus, and I want you to be rejoicing every day. Don't let me catch you crying and being sad, because that would just be the worst thing for me to see you like that. If you do get like that then go find someone and do something good for them, do it for me.". And I knew my mother well enough to know that she would be crying often, but I also knew how good it felt to help other people and I knew that would be comforting for her to do things like that. So don't sit and wait. Get moving. God's word is already there telling you what your next step is. Your son Greg will be with you every step of the way. Had you died instead of you son Greg, what would you want him to be doing? Would you want him to be sad and broken? I didn't think so. I'm praying for you that you will push the grief aside and rise up. Time goes by so quickly, don't let another day of grief get in your way. God bless you with his grace and may the Holy Spirit comfort you always. Sister and brother in Christ. Melba

  • 2012-01-09T21:06:33

Ben's life and God's taking him to be with Him, brings to mind the verse Isaiah 57:1 "The righteous perish, and no man lays it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come." The second verse begins, "He shall enter into peace:" God gave me a vision one time years ago, it was indescribable in it's beauty. I was very ill and I had prayed, "Dear, Jesus, I know that if you were here like when you walked on earth, you would touch me and take away the pain". Almost immediately I was transported into His presence. I found myself sitting at His foot stool (much like Mary, Lazarus sister). My head was resting in His lap and His was stroking my hair. I felt so completely loved and accepted, even cherished. There was such a peace! It was like I was finally complete, nothing lacking. And there was NO PAIN. I didn't want to ever leave, but as morning began to break, I knew that I would have to go back. I even ask Him if I could stay with Him, and He explained that if no one had never told me about Him and I had not learn to put my trust in Him as my Savior then I would not know this great love He had for me. He said that I must go back and tell others of His love and one day I could be with Him forever. It was morning so I got up, the pain was gone, but when I tried to tell my roomate in college about it, she just looked at me like I was crazy. Somethings are so personal between us and the Lord, and I'm only sharing this to say that I know He is real and the peace that Ben spoke about is very real. My grandaughter died five years ago, and she was only 6 1/2 months old. I know she is with Jesus now and one day I will see her and hold her. Also my niece and Mom and Dad are with Jesus. I can hardly wait to go to them. God bless you and know that you will see Ben again and best of all you will see Jesus, either when you die or when He comes back to Earth.