• 2011-12-06T15:13:00

This was probably the greatest thing for me to come to grips with, and we have spoken about what Love really is, and how it is at its greatest when it is shared with others, rather than poured upon ourselves. This also allows the greatest understanding of Christianity, when we finally relinquish our selfish selves.

  • 2011-12-05T22:46:53

This is true, as one starts to read the word one will realize that Satan is a little punk and that you being in Christ have the victory over him and his devices. He can stand in your way only if you let him and he can defeat you. A. if you are in disobedience or B if you believe you can. That simple thank you all

  • 2011-12-05T22:44:26

This is sad, but it brings about an important part of Christianity that we have forgot. Jesus never told us to go out tell everyone that they are sinners going to hell in a hand basket etc. Jesus told us to go out and tell them that HE LOVES THEM regardless of who they are, what they are doing or have done, the color of their skin, sexual orientation etc. We have to realize that the cross was the great equalizer and that everyone and I do mean everyone was made equal at the cross and that at the cross every sin that we have done or are going to do in the future has been paid for. Now this isn't in chance to say "ahh I can go and do whatever I want and there will be no price. That is wrong and sin will soon send you a bill that you will not be able to pay but that is anther topic sorry ADD kicking in a little" People don't need to beat up with what they are doing wrong they need to see the love of Christ in us to them and to each other as for dealing with sin and convicting people of sin that is the Holy Spirit's job not ours. Have a good day. And to end a christian is no longer a sinner a christian was a sinner who was saved by grace and is now a new creation in Christ Jesus and is the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

  • 2011-12-05T20:01:56

I would add this point to the discussion; we must remember that there will be the wheat and the tares growing together until the harvest (Matt 13:30). All in the church are not saved. All coming into the church will meet up with either a "wheat" person or "tare" person. That makes all the difference in the world how the person asking for help will respond. God will never change, but we will if me want to be with Him forever.

  • 2011-12-05T00:02:10

AMEN !!! Running this race for the glory of our Lord!!! Thank you brother Benjamin for your godly walk.

  • 2011-12-04T22:47:51

Jim Loeffert do we not have to take the gift that God has offered us? Let’s first define legalism as trying to be righteous before a holy God with our works, to have a relationship with God based on our merits. And let’s define salvation as rejuvenation, justification, repentance, sanctification, glorification and rejuvenation, justification, and repentance not necessarily in that order. And if I understand you correctly you are saying that I have no part in repentance or sanctification? Do I not surrender my will and my life into the Fathers care? Also let’s not forget faith without work is dead. Can dead faith save us? We have a part to play and God has His part and Jesus did His part and the Holy Spirit is doing His part. No one can come to the Father except those that come through the son Jesus the Christ. I don’t do anything to get something (right standing) but I do them because I love Him.

  • 2011-12-04T14:03:01

Benjamin Brown Exactly

  • 2011-12-03T16:55:58

This reminds me of the verses James 3:9-10. Praising and cursing should not come from the same mouth! This should not be! Now for those who think that these stories are rare occurences, thinking that their Church is a great safe place, I ask you to think again. Open your eyes to those who are being rejected, condemned and left out. I can relate wtih 3 of these stories as being similar to how me and my family has been treated. This should not be! My wife has a hard time trusting people. I convinced her to trust the people in the Church we attended, only to have them condemn her, condemn me, and have our four children ripped from our arms and given to her very abusive parents. Rather than her learning to trust the Church, I have learned to not trust the Church! I beg you out there, if you attend Church, to open your eyes to what is happening. To change it, so that the Church is a safe place, a place of acceptance, of forgiveness, that the Church is sanctuary. That the Church is home. So me and my wife will no longer have to fear the church, and we won't have to be alone anymore.. Neo... www.iamneo.org

  • 2011-12-03T14:43:59

Ellen Christine Smith - Amen! Legalism is a huge problem, especially in American churches. Anyone, who says SALVATION, has ANY thing..... to do with something 'we' 'do', is not 'getting it'! IT IS A GIFT! If my Eternal Destiny, depends on anything other than His death, burial, and His rising from the dead, I AM DOOMED! Praise God Jesus Christ Finished it all, and we can freely accept the GIFT of Salvation!

  • 2011-12-03T13:48:43

Judge the sin...not the sinner. For "ALL have sinned and come short..." Jesus came to forgive sinners and set them free, not cast them aside, unless they are unrepentant...judging sinners is God's job...not ours. "He who is without sin, cast the first stone".

  • 2011-12-03T04:57:41

Susan Moss Jenkins: But Susan, Matthew 7 :1-2 said, " Judge not, that ye be not judge.For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what manner ye mete, it shall be measured to you also."

  • 2011-12-03T02:04:48

God forgive us!

  • 2011-12-02T22:58:26

Absolutely, I agree that we as Christians are not to be judgemental, self-righteous prigs. God did not call us to be haughty. But I think at times we misunderstand what judgement is. If we condemn someone with the attitude that we ourselves are incapable of that sin, and we decide what should happen to them before God, we are judging. However, if we are calling a spade a spade, i.e., naming adultery for what it is, murder, etc., with the attitude of coming alongside the person who is struggling, that is brotherly love. We have to be careful with how we use the word 'judge', because in today's moral relativism, it has become a no-no word even in the Body of Christ. Loving our brothers and sisters means speaking the Truth in love but calling them to repentence, not turning away because we're afraid of what people might think of us; not turning away because to do otherwise might make us Christians look mean and bad. We are going to offend most of the world. That's a given. We are to be above reproach. That's a given. We are not, most of the time, above reproach. But we don't look aside when there is a serious problem. Speak it, name it, IN LOVE.

  • 2011-12-02T22:33:18

Self should always be last, hard as that may seem. But when we do that, we sometimes find blessings that come our way, such as a smile, or a good word, that we may not have heard otherwise.

  • 2011-12-02T22:32:19

I think you were right with that comment about being fit before we go to the gym. Jesus takes us, just as we are, but he expects us to follow him by learning what our place in the cosmos is. I am Baptist, and a lot of Baptists think it is okay to do anything because once saved, always saved. That is wrong. I believe in eternal salvation, but I also believe in a God that sets things right in the end, and those that do not understand the reward of the elect, does not really know about the true blessing of God to those who do their best to keep His commandments. Love God, and love thy neighbor.

  • 2011-12-02T21:33:16

Amy, Jesus doesn’t condemn anyone, and nor do I, but a person’s is condemned by their actions. I hope that you do believe in a place of eternal torment, which has been set aside for those that don’t believe, don’t trust and don’t follow Jesus the Christ. Jesus loved her so much that he not only saved her from the mob that wanted to stone her but provided her a way into the presence of almighty God forever. Please remember this is a video meant to stir emotions, your assuming it is real. When I was a brand new Christian I had the head of the Board of Deacons ask me to leave the church. “All things work out for the good of those that love Him.” Anybody can find an excuse not to follow Him and not to be a part of His Church, but if you love Him then nothing will prevent you from following Him and being a part of His Church. That mob was not a part of Gods Church and neither was she, but none the less, Jesus cared for that mob just as much as He did for that woman. Yes, Jesus did judge the Church and so did Paul (1 Corinthians 5). John 3:16 says for whoever believes and that includes the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the woman caught in adultery. God doesn’t want to just change one person but all people. I don’t know about you, but I take no pleasure in judging others, as a matter of fact it pains me to see someone in sin. For the wages of sin is death, we are all deserving death, that includes me. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus.

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