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What things have you been trying to handle without prayer?

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Facebook How do you respond to people who claim the Bible is filled with errors or contradictions?-Chad Miller



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Eternas bendiciones a todos aquellos que honran La Palabra de Dios---La Biblia---

  • 2012-07-29T07:29:05

I had talked to many atheists and have found that they have never read the text of the Holy Bible; so they are in complete ignorance on the context. They have a couple of anti-Christian literature as their manifesto and most chanllenges come from those few books. Also, Muslims cannot accept anything that contradicts with their Qu'ran and they have to craft up to say that the Holy Bible's text has been changed instead of admitting their book is in direct conflict with God's Word.

  • 2012-07-27T04:08:28

Amen. The Holy Bible is indeed inerrant and without any contradictions but is true and profoundly deep. There are seeming difficulties, however, but the answers are always in the immediate surrouding verses or in diferent places of the Bible text. Knowledge in the whole text of the Holy Bible, the backgrounds, languages, literature, science, church history, and world history also helps in understanding the Holy Bible and giving anyone right answers. Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind" (Luke 10:27) Our love for God includes the utmost use of our mind. In short, Christians are to be studious in God's Word and in everything else, where possible. It's a opportunity for us Christians when someone challenges the Bible; we get to study the matters and appreciate God's Word more and get amazed at the eternal wisdom of God! If you ever cannot find answers even after authentic researching, ask yourself a question, "What if it wasn't the case? What if God had said differently?" Then you know quite immideately why the passage is there. The central message of the Holy Bible is clear - salvation by our Savior Jesus Christ. But God created the world and gave us His Word in the way we can quest and explore and find Him directly. It is exciting and beautiful and has all the worth! Praises be to our God forever and ever!