Christianity.com: How do we know there are not any mistakes in the Bible?-Kay Arthur



  • 2011-12-25T11:45:15

There are one or two points concerning such things as King Saul's age when he became king of Israel or when Quirinius' first tenure as governor of Syria was during the reign of Herod 1st, due to deteriorated old texts describing King Saul or secular history that do not follow the early career of Quirinius. But there are no mistakes or contradictions in the Bible. Even accounting for small historical questions such as that about King Saul and Quirinius, all Biblical texts from the oldest to the most recent are considered to be 99% pure and in agreement.

  • 2011-10-06T13:01:58

Yes, it's incredible we have a deeply perfect Textbook called the Holy Bible in this world. Reading it is such a blessing including the hard passages. Difficult passages keep us humble and make us think, observe and find real wisdom ultimately. Seeming mistakes are there only for those who never read it cover to cover. God knew our lazy and cunning character all along. Even in reading the Bible, we need real humility and perseverance. Many things are given freely as gifts including the eternal life, but certain things are rewarded for diligence.

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