Unbelievable Story - Woman Attempts Suicide Went to Hell, Then To Heaven and Survived



  • 2012-03-10T22:31:56

Katlyn, continue to Pray for them and reflect Christ in your life. Be bold in the power of Christ to speak of His Love, Mercy & Grace. Then trust Him and rest in our Precious Lord.

  • 2012-03-09T17:53:34

I believe that god could of showed her this..not that she actually went to hell, but he showed her that this could happen to her if she didn't except Christ into her life. So then he gave her a second chance.

  • 2012-03-07T01:31:00

why are people debating we all should just be rejoicing that she knows Christ!

  • 2012-03-06T15:22:56

I share your concern Chris, but I do believe God can use our experiences to warn and encourage others, and convict, and bless. But not if it contradicts the word of God, that is why we must "test all things", for false prophets will come. I do not know if we become transformed. Does it matter to our daily lives what precisely happens? as long as we can stand before our Lord completely forgiven one day. I know we are expected to use what we have been given in this life, for "He who can be trusted with little will be trusted with much" and "the last will be first" in heaven. Our works or testimonies cannot save us, for Jesus has already done that, and perfectly. What we do in response I believe will be rewarded by treasures (luke 18:22) and responsibilities in heaven.. as opposed to the lazy selfish servant who gets into heaven but only by the skin of his teeth (luke 19:26). God bless you!

  • 2012-03-05T23:57:34

This gave me the chills and inspiration to work on my own fears. I do belong to God and I know deep down the devil is a liar! Rebuke him and let him go back to torment in hell!

  • 2012-03-05T22:43:27

Russell Ramos i do know the truth

  • 2012-03-05T18:54:48

Scott, and it's a good thing God will not drag you kicking and screaming into His heaven. Yeah, He loves you enough to let you make up your own mind. I pray you come to know the truth.

  • 2012-03-05T17:48:19

good thing that none of the bible is true....

  • 2012-03-05T15:30:22

Chris Newbern If you noticed she cried out to God to forgive her before she tried to kill herself. I believe that is why God saved her.

  • 2012-03-05T09:02:55

Not everyone has a second.

  • 2012-03-05T06:59:16


  • 2012-03-05T06:57:57

IT IS WRITTEN: By the sweat of your brow, you will produce food to eat until you return to the ground, because you were taken from it. You are dust, and you will return to dust."(Genesis 3:19) Then Abraham spoke up again: "Now that I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, though I am nothing but dust and ashes, (Genesis 18:27) Do your best to present yourself to YAHWEH as a tried-and-true worker who isn't ashamed to teach the word of truth correctly. (2 Timothy 2:15) Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! (Matthew 11:15)

  • 2012-03-05T06:35:55

IT IS WRITTEN: Be careful not to let anyone rob you [of this faith] through a shallow and misleading philosophy. Such a person follows human traditions and the world's way of doing things rather than following Christ. (Colossians 2:8) Because of your traditions you have destroyed the authority of God's word. And you do many other things like that."(Mark 7:13). No one has gone to heaven except the Son of Man, who came from heaven.(John 3:13). For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even the memory of them is forgotten.(Ecclesiastes 9:5). Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave(sheol=grave=HELL=pit), where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. (Ecclesiastes 9:10) No one remembers you when he is dead. Who praises you from the grave (sheol=grave=HELL=pit)? (Psalm 6:5) Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! (Matthew 11:15)

  • 2012-03-05T05:25:13

Susan...Houston, Tx. My sister, a Catholic, had an experience 13 months ago while in a hospital ICU...She says. that, when she turned her head one way, she saw "awful things and people" and "the dark things of her past" and could feel "tremendous heat." Then, when she turned her head the other way, she saw "a white light, full of love and peace, beaconing her to come toward it." During this time, she could hear the alarms going off in her room and knew people were running in to work on her. This happened more than once. ( She was gravely ill.) Concerned that she may have experienced an encounter with Hell, I asked her if she had ever been born-again--a subject I had discussed with her on and off for 25 years. She responded, "I don't know what that means." I was SHOCKED: I had shared so much about this in the past. [ I then stated that she must find out what it means to be born-again and settle this in her life: I provided Scripture passages for her review. By the way, she had stayed in ICU for several days. About a week later, when she saw her doctor for a follow-up appointment, he told her that "he was surprised to see her alive".

  • 2012-03-05T00:24:33

Boy, does she ever have an imagination! With not an ounce of scriptural truth! Sorry folks - we do not get a second chance - either we are ushered into the Lord's presence or into hell where we'll be tormented forever and forever.

  • 2012-03-04T22:50:13

Russell Ramos - IDK , did not mean to offend. God is not subject to time, I know and have seen a person die, & stay DEAD, for 37 minutes. He is alive today, saved, and has no recollection of those 37 minutes. Was he face to face with Jesus Christ? I believe so, because Gods' Word says to be absent from the body, is to be present with Jesus Christ. WHY ...was he given a 2nd chance? It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and then the judgement. Too much controversy on this site, too much division, it's why I had to stay away for awhile. Yet I had to answer this one, because my friend was DEAD, period. Perhaps there are things outside of time, God knows the finite mind is incapable of comprehending, but the fact is, many people have had these experiences, and have gone on to pass 50, in one case several hundred lie detector tests? Jesus Rocks, I love God, and His Grace is sufficient in all situations. I agree with most of your' reply, but I will not put GOD in a box.

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