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Many women have asked me how they can raise their children in a proper Christian way. The list below is advice I've compiled after careful thought and research on how to best raise a boy in today's world. 1. Schooling. Boys should be schooled separately from girls in a military style institution with male, Christian teachers. Courses should lean heavily toward math and finance. If you can afford boarding school, you will never regret it, they make the children feel like they are at home. Some boarding schools will even keep the kids over holidays and breaks, in order to instill in them an even deeper sense of belonging. 2. As we can never catch all the bad, nasty things a young boy will do, it's best to beat him pre-emptively on a daily basis. Spare the rod and spoil the child. A few swats on the backside each morning with a hairbrush will keep him in line. This is not discipline as you are not punishing the child for a specific offense so it is fine for a woman to do on her own. 3. Curfews. Curfews are important as they teach a child discipline and responsibility. A curfew of 8:00 pm on weekdays and 8:30 pm weekends is proper for boys under 16. For boys over that age, it's best to use your own judgement. As long as they are out in a group in public, a curfew of 9:30 on the weekend is acceptable. 4. Friends. YES YOU CAN CHOOSE HIS FRIENDS! And not only can you, you SHOULD! Nothing will influence a teenage boy more than the company he keeps. Any boy with long hair, ripped jeans or a leather jacket is an obvious bad choice for your son to have as a friend. But be aware that some "clean cut" children are not Christian and have not been raised in a Christian home. Who knows what kind of depraved morals lurk beneath their boy-next-door exterior. For that reason it's best to choose his friends from among the congregation at your church. That way you can be sure that his parents have raised him with proper values. 5. Entertainment. If you have a good church, this should be no problem. Many churches have after school programs that cater to the entertainment needs of young Christians. Ask at yours! Young boys have lots of energy, so sports teams are a great way for them to keep in shape, burn off their teenage frustration and bond with other males through the age old ritual of competition. Skateboarding is not a sport. Neither is Dungeons and Dragons. Video games should be kept to a minimum and should never contain any kind of violence unless it is a game put out by the U.S. Armed Forces. Movies should be screened for sex, violence and content before they watch them, by either yourself or someone at your church. 6. Dating should be with a mind toward marriage. Too many young men these days ruin their lives by impregnating the town slut. There is no need for young boys to experiment with sex before marriage. The best way to make sure your son doesn't become a teen father is to simply not allow dating. When he reaches 16, it is ok to introduce your son to a church-run teen social club so that he may become aquainted with some suitable young girls in the area. Make sure the club is fully chaperoned and don't hesitate to step in and help out if it's not. 7. Music. Rap is a definite no-no. Children are impressionable and the rap industry is geared toward turning your sons into women-hating, mysoginist ho-masters. If you hear your son using terms like, "word to your mother", or "chill", it's a good indication he has been listening to rap music. Don't be swayed by arguments such as "rap is mainstream" because it's not. Just because children are turning into little thug bastards at such a rate they are beginning to be the majority does NOT make it mainstream. Rap these days is nothing more than criminals bragging about how much money they made off of your children and how many asses they've capped. It will rot your child's brain. Acceptable music is classical, big band, and any music with Christian in the label. 8. Clothing and accesories. Baggy clothing that exposes a boy's bottom is NEVER acceptable. Baseball hats off the baseball diamond are NEVER acceptable. Baggy sweaters, no. Bling, no. Cellphones should be limited to the walkie-talkie type with preset numbers programmed by you, otherwise he may begin dealing drugs. 9. Behavior: As the old saying goes, children should be seen and not heard. Young boys are notorious slouchers and fidgeters and this should be curbed at an early age. Boys have a natural aversion to keeping clean, make sure that your son showers at least once a day, brushes and flosses his teeth regularly and washes before every meal. It is important to make your son dress properly for dinner and church as it will make him comfortable in a suit. Proper manners should be stressed at all times, especially at the dinner table and in front of strangers. A first impression is a lasting impression. Children should never interrupt their elders and should always show respect. Running in church is disrespectful to God as is giggling in the pew or fighting with siblings. Rules should be stressed in ways to instill the fear of God into the child, remind him God is watching him at all times and make up a few stories about bad little boys who disobeyed their parents. 10. Punishment. Punishment should always be carried out by the father. In cases of single mothers who have no willing ex to help out, until you are re-married to a real Christian, have an uncle or other male relative or close friend step in. Never try to discipline a boy yourself, the humiliation is something he should never have to deal with as a man. 11. Religious Instruction. When your son reaches an age where he begins to ask serious questions about God and Jesus, you will have to refer him to his father, or in cases where that is impossible, a trusted older male relative, close friend or church member. Get him involved in Bible study and Sunday school. Remember, the values you have instilled in him now will last a lifetime. So ladies, I hope that you'll find this advice helpful. I'll be writing a (much longer) list on how to raise good Christian girls in the near future. So in the meanwhile, get started on those boys! The internet for other than school work should be forbidden, email should NEVER be allowed and ALL internet use should be monitored. The reasons for this should be self-explanatory.

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