Is Christianity responsible for the Crusades?-David Murray



  • 2011-10-20T13:26:01

All types of crusades still go on today. The West pushes forward their version of democracy upon the world, many times by force, the Middle East is engaging in to keep the Islamic society, atheistic communists are still brutally imposing atheism... the list is endless. It's funny how modern people regard crusades were only the Crusades. Anything done by military are all crusades. Many times wars were necessary, such as crushing Nazi Germany, but people have a double standard for the word "Crusades" for sure.

  • 2011-10-18T15:26:32

The Crusades were engaged in as a result of religion, political expediency and greed. (For "religion" read "Catholicism".) Christianity has never had anything to do with war as such - because, simply, that is not what Christ taught. [Jn 8:23, 24; Jn 15:16-27; Jn 18:36; Eph 6:10-18].

  • 2011-10-13T03:03:22

Religions used to be and still are connected to nationalism and clans and races. If leaders of the society perceived something to be good and acceptable, it was forced upon everyone under them. No objection was allowed and objections were not even necessary since most religions except Biblical Christianity had nothing worth fighting within. A norm practice everywhere until the Bible-literate Christianity taught mankind and fought its way that Truth must be sought out and the rights to seek Truth must be obtained for every individual - namely, the rights for access to the Holy Bible. Acts like Crusades have been everywhere for the entire human history; any leaders would promote and expand what they thinks worth, be it religion, ideology, racial assimilation or territorial inclusion. Crusades became a big issue because it is of Christianity. It's normal and expected for other religions to abuse humans and do evil but not for Christianity. Mankind has a double standard. With the utmost complicated Textbook like the Bible available to common people, Christians were destined to be mighty. I think Crusades are meaningful to Christians in seeing that God does not allow His one true religion for mankind to be forced by military as if it is a man-made religion, or as if Israels' fate can be decided manually by human forces, or as if victories are guaranteed just because the military bears His name or has a cross on it. Even Israel was defeated when her conducts were evil. The society shows the level of its evil by the level it hates Christianity. I think rich nations got so insanely corrupt we are anticipating some collective divine punishment very soon. Crusades did happened but the hatred against Christianity in our society is not normal in any sense. Our youth nowadays are simply being attracted to "Marxism" or "Nazism" again. Christians should be studious. Preaching God's love is good, but we can never be naive about human nature. I think incidents of Crusades are urging Christians to study the world history and current world condition seriously and wholly. Though not without flaws among those who bore its name, the incomparably outstanding excellence of Christianity is self-evident both then and now in the entire world. Christianity has been the Light and the Liberation in the midst of blackest darkness. Nothing like it exists in this world. Those who experienced the darkness testify it firsthand again and again, forever.

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