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What Sets Us Free
Do you ever try to earn points with God?

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I Am With You Always



Inspiration behind Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales || Spoken Word



  • 2014-02-22T16:36:14

There are great resources but you have to be willing to commit yourself to them, Check this site out.

  • 2012-02-29T07:50:56

I am 42 yo and married 6 years now, this is me and my wifes first marriage and last, I am battling with my flesh to kill it and put my wife first. We never got to be friends before we married in 3 months after meeting we married. Andto make it worse I lost alot of her trust by having sexwith her before we married (somethings you wish to could do over). I totally agree with you about a man needs to die to himself for his bride. There is not alot of information out there for men to learn how to be Christ like in their marriages but one I found was WWW.GODSAVEMYMARRIAGE.COM they have conferance calls everyday except friday, these calls are for married couple to call in and get help with how to do this, its great. I think the biggest thing I have really begun to learn is a man can not die to himself for his bride on his own understanding, thoughts or strength. We must rely on god for the how to's. God be with you as you seek him.

  • 2012-02-23T15:44:58

You know, reading Joshua Harris' book I Kissed Dating Goodbye really changed the view I have on dating. He takes casual dating and puts it in a biblical perspective, which pretty much crushes it. :-) It's aimed toward young adults, but I would like to read some of his other books. I'll add this one to my list as well. :-) Thank you for sharing your poems with us! Oh, by the way, hello from Tacoma! :-P

  • 2012-02-04T09:51:08

Thank you brother for your inspirational videos! In my church many people like your messages! You can really motivate and give them hope! God bless you! Greetings from all the church here in Bulgaria! pastor V.Tsankov

  • 2012-01-31T05:33:50

Esta es la verdad! No nos falta amor, nos falta arrepentimiento!

  • 2012-01-31T01:52:56

Way to go stand out from the crowd! Preach what God really wants for us.

  • 2012-01-30T20:40:30

Gotta see this.

  • 2012-01-30T16:01:41

Don't forget to be inspired about marriage through reading the bible.

  • 2012-01-30T14:21:41

it's not common for a guy to have things like these in mind. keep on keeping on. may you influence more guys into honoring women more and always putting Jesus first in their relationship. Praise God for guys like you.

  • 2012-01-30T13:51:23

You go boy! Mark Driscoll is your pastor! That's one reason why your poems ministering with such great revelation! The other reason is bcuz YOU ARE ANOINTED! I love your message! Thanks for being such a great example for our youth...and for the Body! Loveya bro!