Christian/Christ-follower (Mac/PC parody) #3



  • 2013-05-11T01:57:03

That is the lamest excuse for indulging the flesh I have ever heard. We certainly don't need to fill our minds with this world's sad garbage in order to hear cries for help. Music is art? Yes, and exactly the same thing is said to justify pornography.

  • 2013-01-10T18:12:54

When "Christ followers" judge Christians, are they any different than what they hate about their stereotypical Christian? We are saved by the grace of God. None is any better or more right than another, all just as dependent on Christ. As soon as we think we are more spiritual than another, spiritual death ensues, it's a guarantee. Lord have mercy on us!

  • 2012-06-04T02:23:11

This video is so wrong on so many levels. First why does a church feel the need to redefine what it means to follow Christ. The word Christian was given to the first believers because there life was different. They didn't try to blend in like the "Christ follower" in the video. I can go on but I have to say something about how this video makes fun of the Christian because he choses to only listen to Christian music. How sad! I think the final statement at the end says it all about the church that put this out. Buy the way, Bono has a alter ego he uses in concert that is the devil. Our boast should be in Christ and Him crucified.

  • 2011-07-23T06:26:48

Depends on the time and place and how you see music. There's music to praise to and music to listen to, by closing the door to non god music, your closing the door on cries for help. Music can best sum up life struggles. Music is art. Its actions not clothes that lead people to christ.

  • 2011-07-12T17:39:46

haha... this was actually mom. not sure how it got on my fb page. she's right though! :)

  • 2011-07-12T14:27:15

we are supposed to be in the world NOT of it. I understand the message, christians should not live "holier than thou", but if you you look no different than the world, how will people know your different, where will they go when they figure out their way doesn't work! Who will lead them to Christ? How is it honoring God listening to music that encourages things that do not honor God?

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