West Florida (Bonifay) Teen Challenge Boy's Ranch



  • 2012-05-08T04:53:27

lmao! this place doesn't change lives. I hate to say it but its a money making scam. Dave Rutledge (psychopathic, delusional, country bumpkin, asswipe of a man) gets rich of dumb parents that don't know how to use the internet. the first 5 search results on google on the WFTC boys ranch tells you all about how you shouldn't send your child here and why. those testimonies are no lies, they are true, cold facts. I seriously cant believe it hasn't been shut down yet or hit by a fuckin meteor that noone else but god sent down upon this shit hole. this is not a place of god and not a place for anyones son.

  • 2011-06-27T02:43:28

Teen Challenge in Bonifay Florida should be shut down and the adult volunteers and paid staff should have their dignities stripped as they treated the enrolled teens. Thank you anonymous Feb 20th, your remarks are on target and truthful. As for your success as of lately, I applaud you. My son has finally come around since his Bonifay Teen Challenge nightmare, and he still is in disbelief that a community allows this ranch to exist. Dave Rutledge is a dellusional monster and I often wonder how he can preach the Word and sin continously as he allows that hellhole to operate as is. I pray that any parent in need of treatment for their son, never consider Teen Challenge of Bonifay. I wish that ranch would close or get sucked down to hell where it belongs. Thank God for formats such as this so people can be warned. I wish that I did a more thorough search of Teen Challenge before dropping my son off atTeen Challenge of Bonifay. That poor decision on my part will haunt me to the grave but when parents are desperate they sometimes will blindly go to anyone wearing sheep clothing.

  • 2011-06-27T02:08:00

I love the church but I cannot stay quiet about this yall are money stealing cowards I know youll delete this jus like u don't let children tell there parents what's happening. yall should be ashamed... I am.. u cannot force praise and worship upon somebody you just know it when you feel it!

  • 2011-06-27T01:56:00

this is nowhere near correct this place tortures and beats children with horribly trained staff its all lies keep your kids at home or another tc not bonifay a buch of spineless assholes that think they know jesus.

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