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Facebook Do the Bible and science contradict each other?-Chris Daniel



  • 2012-02-25T10:35:40

I think this was getting ppl to the right understanding of both science and the Bible... definitely not foolish at all. "But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect," (1 Peter 3:15) Regardless of where we derive the appeal, whether it be thru our observations of non-Christian religions, psychology, history, nature, or SCIENCE, we mustn't discriminate what may be used to bring people to Christ. Scientific communities rejected the notions of dinosaurs, universe having a beginning (Genesis 1:1), and universe being finite (Psalm 102:25–27). Science now accepts these, but the Bible was first in taking the bold claims about scientific paradigms. The Bible declares that the behemoth roamed the earth (Job 40:15-24), volcanoes exist underwater (Job 38:16) - (how did unschooled shepherd writers of the Bible have the sophisticated submarine technology to explore deep waters?) and that universe is not eternal and will come to an end. More>

  • 2012-02-02T16:51:35

Though baptized I was a true Christ follower because of Darwinism. Years later I did an in depth study of evolution, and came to the conclusion--supported since then by many, many new discoveries, that we are designed, intricately designed, and thus a Designer... and of course, our Designer is a deaf/mute... he has communicated with us through History... His Story... his Word, his Word Incarnate. So... anyone who truly investigates science and Christianity should find Truth.

  • 2012-01-31T14:52:52

Mr. Daniel hit the answer squarely and concisely. If proper investigation and unbiased, fair interpretation are applied, science and The Bible should not contradict each other. God did not inspire the writing of the Bible as a scientific or historical treatise, but all scientific and historical references in the Bible, once tested and concluded, have proven to be infallibly true. If human theology is fallible, then it can be wrong. Example: a handful of Christians still believe an old theological fallacy that there was the creation of two groups of human beings, the first group which God destroyed and then replaced with the second group through Adam and Eve. Science, likewise, makes the fallacious assumption in general that the earth, our solar system, and the entire universe came into being through a random process of eons-long evolution. There is no Intelligent Design or Direct Creation involved, according to scientific belief, and certainly no God Who initiated it all in a short period of six days, not 6 billions years-plus. If there were no bias and preassumption involved, then, no, science and the Bible would not contradict each other. God has revealed His Work and His Presence both generally in nature, such as in the design and function of the plant world, the animal world, and the design and function of human beings. He has also revealed His Nature, human nature, and his plans for the human race, specifically through the Bible, inerrantly and infallibly when Christians use the Bible itself as the Guideline and do not try to embellish Biblical theology with incorrect human interpretation. If fairness and lack of improper bias were to be employed by scientists, and even by some theologians, then there would be no contradiction or clash. But there is. Why? Is it God's Fault for improper Revelation? God forbid that thought! The fault lies with us in making a faulty rush in conclusions in explaining God's general Revelation through nature or His specific Revelation through The Bible.

  • 2012-01-26T21:32:02

Something interesting to think about.

  • 2012-01-26T18:55:45

I found a site ( ) which more specifically collaborates and confirms the Truth of the Bible with recent Scientific discoveries,, However, God did not intend the Bible to be a science book, but rather a means understanding His divine nature and ultimately a means of salvation to come home when we're done visiting the created... Here are a bunch of great short videos covering ( SCIENCE, HISTORY, ARCHAEOLOGY, PHYSICS AND MUCH MORE )

  • 2012-01-26T18:39:14

Some examples would have been helpful.

  • 2012-01-26T06:31:46

Reflect on these words and give them time to keep your perspective in line with God's will. In Ephesians 4:29 it is written: <> Ephesians 5:4-5 said: <> Please put a stop to foolish talking... From Kodjo Amegnisso Tossou- Austin-Texas

  • 2012-01-25T23:37:59

Seems obvious that both scripture and science have the potential for interpretation error.