Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Official Music Video)



  • 2014-04-03T02:17:36

Initially I believe with these scammers, I got stuck in a trap him to click on a link and ultimately he gave my computer a virus, I just want to watch the film for free, I finally find the link on google and I found a place where I can watch this film free, in======== http://goo.gl/gvAJq7 there we can watch the film for free without having to download it, may be useful

  • 2014-04-03T01:59:29

good words to wake up an apathetic country! Praise God!

  • 2014-04-01T02:04:31

Awesome movie.

  • 2014-03-31T12:22:33

The movie is fantastic, Vickie. You will definitely enjoy it.

  • 2014-03-31T10:12:59

Great Video and can not wait to see the movie. God is alive and with us each day. God gives us strength in every trial and tribulation we face. We Praise and Worship God for endless Love. Our Father instills peace, patience and love to us all. Thanks be to God.

  • 2014-03-29T07:23:35

I just love these nice,clean young men . And I know their pants aren't sagging. Love you guys.

  • 2014-03-29T05:38:21

How about seeing it "twice" with in a week...a church friend and myself are going to see it tomorrow!!!

  • 2014-03-26T00:13:05

Gods NOTdead . GOD SAVED my frends life i love and trust God with my hole heart and love your songs and love GOD

  • 2014-03-21T23:41:46

He is alive in me.

  • 2014-02-24T02:16:42

God is very much alive inside you. God is my saviour..I pray and talk to him daily!!

  • 2014-01-15T00:51:12

People who think god is not dead we heave to reach out to the [people who don't believe and never stop

  • 2014-01-01T19:13:48

God Bless you today and every day, I do believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. Thank you for your post!!

  • 2013-11-22T04:31:06

Here is a question, when the Newsboys decided to come out with the song called God's not dead (roaring like a lion) where did they get the idea of that God is roaring like a lion? Well, I decided to do some studying and I have found a verse that talks about God roaring like a lion in Hosea 11:10 says, "They Shall walk after the Lord: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west." It doesnt say anything about God roaring like a lion on the inside but if u think about the words "God living on the inside" which if u quote the ch to that song which is "God's not dead he is surly alive he is on the inside" if God is roaring like a lion and he is suppose to be on the inside of us doesnt that make him on the inside roaring like a lion?.......think about it Hosea 11:10 would go great with that song called God's not dead (roaring like a lion) by the newsboys....

  • 2013-10-31T20:24:34


  • 2013-10-31T19:59:35

He is alive! I am living prove of that! I had a stroke a few years back & almost died, but he didn't take me! I cant walk now but I am alive! Thank Him For THAT!!!!!!!!!

  • 2013-10-30T19:22:21

god is far from being dead since if it wasnt for my faith i dont know where i be now

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