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GET RID OF ALL YOUR HATE. It doesn't matter if you're black or white. i don't care if u feel wrong or right. Gods great mercy extends to young OLD and small. and his love it reaches down to all. now GET THIS STRAIGHT. GET RID OF ALL YOUR HATE. why was there ever a need for the klu klux klan. why would they ever spread their hatred of man. all because their color was not their own. THEY took fathers and children from their very home. AND YET their blood cries out today. GET RID OF ALL YOUR HATE. WHY WOULD a white man want to own someone. bring them as slaves to clean up their home. not pay them a living for they work they done. treat them like they were worse than scum. the echos of their voice reiterate. GET RID OF ALL YOUR HATE. the jews from the nazi camps can all attest. the hatred the violence the sufferings the test. they died in vain from hitlers extermination. just to attempt to erase the jewish nation. this historic evidence you cant erase. get rid of all your hate. WE SHALL OVERCOME...SOMEDAY. NOW A BLACK MANS blood is the same as ours. we ALL get our strength IN THE NAME OF Jesus power. from Metgar Evans to Dr martin Luther King. their mouth to our ears proclaim let freedom ring. the Cival RIGHTS movement FOREVER states. GET RID OF ALL YOUR HATE. You shall know the truth and it will make you free. remember Jesus died for you and me. predjudicsm is not apart of Gods plan. but a greater love must reach the heart of man. theirs no nazi or klansman living today. that could like Jesus take my sins away. put love in my heart not sins decay. and Get rid of all my hate. oh happy day oh happy day when Jesus washed when Jesus washed all my sins away.

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