Building 429 - Listen To The Sound (Official Music Video)



  • 2012-03-09T07:03:34

MA'AM,yadira navarro,,correction lng po,big letter po ung start ng The Name of God, The Father,tnx,no hard feelings

  • 2012-01-19T21:39:25

Luv listening 2 music that pertains 2 my Lord & Savior.

  • 2012-01-12T01:38:47

I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and everytime I hear this song my baby kicks & moves like crazy :) Even in utero your music moves people <3.

  • 2011-09-01T00:22:48

Great song! Awesome title....

  • 2011-08-24T07:15:36


  • 2011-08-24T03:20:33

We should be encouraged by every word that we hear, read, and speak that causes GOD to be glorified. The sound that flows from the father will always bring joy. Listen to the sound

  • 2011-08-23T19:01:48

I love rocking out to this song! Father, thank you!

  • 2011-08-23T16:34:58

I think it sounds great'.

  • 2011-06-18T10:59:04

Very cool video.

  • 2011-06-14T02:08:49

very good

  • 2011-06-02T04:57:16

more great music from Building 429. The new album is awesome. If you haven't picked it up yet, you should.

  • 2011-06-01T03:45:07

My new favorite song! These guys are HOT from the Throne, they have always been a favorite. Thanks guys for your obedience, blessings....

  • 2011-05-31T15:50:31

Its beautiful, I love and it and it does inspire.

  • 2011-05-31T14:51:15

The rocks PRAISE HIM!!

  • 2011-05-31T13:48:39

exactly! God created the rocks, the trees, the plants and all of us. He is all sovereign but is not of this world.

  • 2011-05-31T02:07:48

EveryWHERE, yes. EveryTHING, NO. God is not the rocks, the trees, plants.

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