Christianity.com: How should Christians react to new technologies and online social media?-Tim Challies



  • 2012-08-26T06:20:32

Amen. New technologies are nice because the Muslims can get the Good News and the entire text of the Holy Bible through them! And we must use anything neutral and available for evangelism, edification and pursuit of truth. However, I think the era for technology to prolong the longevity of human life or to pursue happiness is over as the same technology is badly polluting the Planet Earth. Mankind just barely made it out of a starvation and barbarism era last century( becoming from 1 billion to 7 billion in a single century), and now more we move or involve or produce luxuries, sicker the planet becomes, and for sure we are not securing a better or cleaner world for the generations to come. Who could have imagined the rich nations where no one has to worry about bread on the table would end up suffering from insanity, child-abuse and addictions caused from severe selfishness and the unthinkable immorality? Mankind always needs to be humble before God, with or without technology. We saw what the humanism with technology has done in WW2 - 70 million loss of human lives. Far more number of human babies have been massacred since then. Smartness and capability without morality is a curse. Only the Christians can remember and teach mankind the right perspectives on life. Teen kids can be in social media but they need to study the Bible, language, literature, math, science, and history, not wasting away their precious years.

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