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In what ways
is God calling you to visibly represent Him to someone else?

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Facebook What does it mean to be born again?-Colin Smith



  • 2012-09-22T13:29:07

Indeed to be born again simply means to be drawn out of the miry clay into a marvelous light. It can only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank God I'm born again. I leave the past behind and I'm pressing forward in Christ. I pray for those who have not experienced this change that they will release the hardness of their hearts and let Him in. You will never regret it. I am not saying there will be no more troubles but I can assure you He will see you through. The world is full of troubles of its own but when you're born again, Jesus will walk with you through them with the Holy Spirit, alleluiah, thank God I'm born again.

  • 2012-08-06T17:33:55

Jesus carefully chose the words "born again" to illustrate that a new life has come into existence. All of the old sinful things no longer exist. We are a new creation...a new creature, who is daily becoming more and more like our Creator. It is the opposite of the fleshly existence. As an infant and toddler we are first helpless and then exceedingly selfish. But as a new-spiritually-reborn person we are hungry for more and more information about our Father, and we are less and less selfish regarding our own desires. We are reborn by the Spirit of God unto works that will glorify Him. The joy of our salvation increases daily as we follow the guidance of His Spirit and give ourselves away as Jesus so compassionately gave His life for us. We have no fear of failure because He has overcome the world! We exist to tell of His great salvation...we are His and so we produce fruit for Him. We know that we will never die! This world has become our temporary workplace wherein we plant the seeds of the Gospel for His great eventual harvest. We are on loan from God as His ambassadors of reconciliation. We are equipped and empowered by His Spirit for our unique calling. We will tell the world about His great salvation until He calls us out of the world to be with Him.

  • 2012-07-20T08:25:56

It means having a hope in your heart that the world cannot give. It means knowing you will have a home in heaven when you die. It means peace within, freedom from the guilt of doing means so, so, so, so much. Have you been born again?

  • 2012-07-20T05:46:16


  • 2012-07-20T00:25:06

Born again = Born from Above. Born of God.

  • 2012-07-19T22:32:33

There is nothing wrong with these terms or the meaning. I think the Church has let these terms become more of a saying and may be let others hijack these beautiful words and the the power behind these words. A wonderful video an explanation. We need not be shy or afriad to share and God help us say it the way it should be said.Corky Riley.

  • 2012-07-19T22:25:31

This is where people are confused because most leaders do not either have the experiences, preach that the Holy Spirit does not act like upon the Acts of the Apostle especially Acts 2, or legalistic religion blinds them from truth of what these manifestations are. To be born again is a gift of eternal life, Acts two they were already baptized so they already believed and were waiting for the promise, then they experienced the OUT Pouring of the Holy Spirit, power to carry out their duties of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is where preaching by the ignorant people are misleading the truth about God. God is spirit and we must worship Him spiritually not by church rules and dogmatic legalistic Roman Catholic ideas. This is why all the persecution later even, and the reason people came to America for religious freedom. The Catholics were NOT welcomed and they use to hide to worship, because the Puritans had their ideas of legalistic ideas. There have always been a remnant of true believers who know these differences and others have mocked and laughed at them and tell them they are not welcome in the church. I know because it happens to me in Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ who claims to follow after the first century Christians, and many other so called believers of Jesus Christ who did what? He sent the Comforter who is? The Holy Spirit...well do you see Him? NO he is part of God that is unseen who leads us to a new life of understanding from death to life...the fullness of being born again! Yes I speak in tongues and seen many miracles performed as I am anointed and ordained even though the churches refuse me. I am not ashamed of the is not necessarily a church experience either....children are not always saved just because they attend church some of the worst people I meant came from churches. The real church is spiritual after all they only had gathering in the first century not brick and mortar.

  • 2012-07-19T12:13:41

This is so vert true as the Holy Spirit has totally changed my life! God bless you my friends, please come to Christ if you have not....God welcomes you as I do as well! LOVE & PEACE!