Why are there so many Bible translations?-Kay Arthur



  • 2011-10-17T23:20:29

~Yes I would like to add on the "Academic Biblical Scholar" gathered around the world to come up with one solution or agree with one another to interpret each passage but not destroying the thought of it even if they rephrase or paraprhase I had had wrestled with this though KJV of 1611 is the Authorized Bible (AV ) The word "archaic" was the mysery word it was revealed I believe Russia, China and other countries I must came across this was long time ago look at the Chronological Time :that's Jesus Christ found and studied by children in Science IS born in 0006 and died 0039...The academic bible scholar finally agrred that the world started at 25000 then going down all the way to 0006 (Jesus Birth) to 0000 then going up again till itreach the 25000 (UP and Down )...I like to see this Bilbe and I used Parallel Bible..I love to compare..There is no way at all I could understand the King Ja Version no matter what I do so I used NIV ( NIN:INN jesus christ birth msytery and ISIS )...Also I collect Holy Bible...that's why...the Moneymaking is quite sad but the church and state are inseparable...I will try to read the ISB ( must be linked to Philippians 2:5-11 nor Mtt 5:3 my mystery ).

  • 2011-07-09T14:10:41

I agree with this video essentially.

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