7eventh Time Down - Alive In You



  • 2013-01-08T19:50:58

I saw these guys in San Antonio last month and they ROCKED! They are so on fire for the Lord and they get the point across. They go for the kids who are into more hardcore music. You can't reach some of these kids with regular gospel, it takes some heavy rockers and these guys do it. Keep up the great work. You got this old Head Banger hooked on your music!

  • 2012-07-16T20:51:47

great song...................

  • 2011-09-30T16:50:50

I'm loving this video! This is some of the hottest Christian Rock I've ever heard.. mannn this is cold!

  • 2011-09-19T17:59:49

I have known these guys for more than 5 years and I still remember when they were a 3 member band just trying to find a place to play now look at them! Their very first, and hopefully not the last, cd out, an awesome record label and now a video! I'm so proud of them! :D I think the verse to fit what I'm saying is: Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Keep it up guys! And keep rocking on 7eventh Time Down.

  • 2011-09-17T18:04:30

I really like this song this song really mean alot wow and its so true alive in you Jesus Christ amen...

  • 2011-09-17T15:39:22

7eventh time down, man you guys are awesome... keep up the good work fellas.

  • 2011-09-17T14:47:50

We have seen these guys in Ripley, WV 3 times and I can assure you they are not angry. They are great guys spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. So glad there is an alternative to secular music.

  • 2011-09-17T06:52:02

God <3 Bless.

  • 2011-09-17T06:51:00

This type of music, I believe, is used as a tool to reach out to those young non-believers who may not know Christ yet, but who are interested in this particular music genre. For example KJ52 is a Christian rapper who has been known to reach out to our youth (he's publicly reached out to Eminem) in order to share the message of Christ through his music but in a way in which they'll be able to understand as well as relate to. Basically, it can draw them in by sounding "cool" but at the same time they're still receiving the message and as long as the music is relatable to whoever is listening to it and it gets the word out to them, then that's all that really matters.

  • 2011-09-17T04:58:34

Come a long way from the RCHS gym...

  • 2011-09-15T21:06:47

I heard this band in concert a year ago and no-one could leave from there thinking they were un-Christian in any way. Yes they rocked the place, but it was pure worship. They lifted up Christ and challenged everyone there to serve Him more faithfully. I knew that they would become a big hit. I pray that God will use them mightily.

  • 2011-09-15T17:20:40

This is awesome! So proud of you guys for sharing your passion with the world. Press on!

  • 2011-09-15T12:36:34

there is a difference between mad and passion for the message its they way your receive it listen to the message and the truth GOD is trying to teach you threw his music not look at the man but to Christ.

  • 2011-09-15T08:19:37

I love it, and its not about me its about Him (Jesus) and what he did for us. God looks at the heart "...for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." 1 Sam 16:7 If christians (myself included) can worship God to this type of music I belive that is what God wants. “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” (Psalm 22:3).

  • 2011-09-14T18:38:48

the last time i watched a hell fire brimstone preacher he looked kind a mad too.

  • 2011-09-14T17:58:51

Haha snuggy bear, that's funny....good one Jeff. Hmm...did I ever think that it might be because they're young, with an attitude, and trying to act and be cool? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's my biggest problem with this whole video. Is there a rule that says that Christian rock bands have to follow the mold of secular rock bands? Is there a rule that says that, in order to be a rock band, that they have to look intensely angry and scowl all the time, just to be a "ROCK BAND!!!"? (Crowd cheering wildly in the background at the sound of ROCK BAND!!!) Is there a rule that says that, just because they're young (I'm 25 years old by the way) and influenced by the world, that they have to have an "attitude" (did Jesus have an "attitude" of angst?) and "try" to act and be cool? (Did Jesus try to act and be cool just to get people to listen to Him?) You said previously, "why should a Christian feel they have to smile all the time? Sounds fake to me." Well then, my questions to you are: 1) Christians who feel they have to smile all the time doesn't sound genuine at all. No disagreement there. But doesn't trying to ACT COOL sound just as fake to you as a Christian feeling they have to smile all the time? 2) Why should a Christian band, singing about joyful, happy things (read the lyrics out loud to someone who hasn't heard the music, or seen the video, and ask them if they envision a person with an angry face), try--or WANT--to have an attitude of anger (look at 1:48 on the video timeline, just as the video does a close up of him and tell me that doesn't look like rage) just to promote the idea that they're cool (your words, not mine)? Should they really care so much about that? Because if I'm going to be honest, that's pretty much the only thing that their attitude says to me in this video: I want to be cool. It doesn't lift up the lyrics at all. The concepts are too contradictory (except for the line, "I'm wearing no disguise; A Jesus freak till the day that I die; I will not compromise. You can throw every stone, But you can't take my life." That might warrant a look of toughness. Maybe.) 3) The Bible talks far more about being joyful in the Lord, and weeping and mourning in a positive light, than it does about having an intense look of harshness. It talks far more about gentleness than intensity. So can you tell me, based on Scripture, should we be promoting a "hardcore" attitude for what it really is and what it seems to suggest? 4) You said "Seems like some Christians think that if you aren't smiling all the time, then something must be wrong with you." Is it SO WEIRD to think that if I'm singing about being "Alive in" Christ, Christ being the "air that keeps me breathing" and exclaiming about His love as "Wonderful so beautiful" that my initial facial expressions aren't going to be ones of angst and gritting my teeth with a fierce look in my eye? I'm pretty darn sure that my initial reaction is going to be one of smiling and/or tears of sorrow that I sinned against such a perfect Being. 5) Lastly, is it SO MEAN of me to say, "Why do they LOOK (not are) so angry and pissed off ABOUT GOD LOVING THEM? (Which is a happy thing!) Haha their FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and the singer's angry TONE (body language) just don't MATCH the LYRICS."? People. I'm not saying you have to be happy all the time and all smiles. Who in their right mind would? I'm just saying let your actions be consistent with your words. If you are rejoicing, why look angry? If you're sad, why try to look happy? To act otherwise is to lie. If you're joyful in the Lord, be joyful and demonstrate that joy. Weep if you are in mourning, don't cover it up, but seek also the Lord for comfort, don't wallow in your current state of remorse. Just because the world says a rock band has to be a certain way in order to be considered a rock band, doesn't mean it's a rule must be followed (unless your only goal is to sell records.) I'm also not saying that we can't have Christian rock bands--I really like Demon Hunter or Decyfer Down, which are hardcore bands, but my critiques go out to them as well. Have your rock bands but remember that it's not just Christians who are watching us. Can I give you a short story? My friend was in a small group and one of the members brought a non-believing friend one night. Somehow the topic came upon cussing. Some of the guys said, "Yeah, I'll drop an F-bomb now and then. It let's non-believers know that I'm not fake, that I'm just like them. It helps me relate to them." It seemed as though everyone agreed with that thought process. Then the leader of the small group look at the non-believer and asked him what he thought. He simply said, "Honestly guys, I'm looking for something different from than the life I live already." We are different from the world, because we are not of this world. Why try to disguise ourselves? That seems more fake to me than even scowling while saying, "Wonderful so beautiful!"

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