Christianity.com: What is the gospel and how does it have relevance for Christians every day?-David Powlison



  • 2012-04-28T08:28:51

Amen! The salvation moment and baptism is like a welcoming party of adaption or wedding. The real, full, rich life begins at that moment of conversion and goes on into all eternity. Knowing Jesus is the beginning of any meaningful life. And unlike human parents or spouses or friends, Jesus never disappoints us but amazes us in great wonders forever and ever, even in the midst of great excruciating pains of earthly life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is incomparably deeper than what any natural humans can ever dream; it is about having life in Him, with Him, and like Him in His character, not just getting a free ticket to Heaven.

  • 2012-04-28T08:20:24

He and you are in the same boat regarding the reality of the impartation of life of Jesus into His followers. You just didn't get it.

  • 2012-04-28T08:18:35

Tim Sauder, we don't need your video, a deniar of the Holy Trinity. Every genuine Christian theologian speaks like a Calvinist because only Calvinism is true, Biblical, and intelligent!

  • 2012-03-02T21:13:41

Put his message beside my new video 'the message of Jesus' and see what makes more sense.

  • 2012-03-02T18:25:11

He speaks like a Calvinist. The gospel is not a message as much as it is the messenger. It is about the living Word Jesus returning in Spirit form to live inside us to give us direction for our lives and turn us into children of God. He talks so traditional and it is an unintelligable message lost on both the biblical gospel account that is presented by Jesus through mainly JOhn and the experience of true Christians who know him who is life. He who has the Son has life... not the message of traditionalism lost on the experience of life.

  • 2012-02-29T00:41:26

stephen compassion kindness love hope joy that a christianity follow.

  • 2012-02-28T23:20:01

How true David. The King and the Kingdom of God as they relate to us and the world are a past present and future reality.

  • 2012-02-28T16:28:49

"As long as you are a human being that lives under the curse, and who falls short of loving God with everything you are, and falls short of genuinely... loving others with the same intensity and interest you have in self-interest, you need the gospel."

  • 2012-02-28T08:24:20

wonderful to listen to but as stranger i can't understand everything and i ll need the text which is spoken thanks if u can join the text with or in a file grate ful thoughts

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