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Hey Haters!



  • 2016-05-06T10:22:20

I see he labled every aspect of the Spirit instead of one. The Spirit of Truth, who will lead us into all truth. God is very concerned with Truth. If this guy thinks that sound doctrine is irrelevant or unimportant has obviously never read any of the Epistles, and the words of Jesus. Just another example of someone twisting the scriptures to their own damnation.

  • 2016-04-27T02:22:29

In case you wonder why I think that, consider what he says in light of the "rigid", "legalistic", and "judgemental" accusations against Christians who tell others about what God considers to be Sin. "Are you going to waste your time casting stones" is a reference to religious people punishing sin. Fundamental believers are believed to have a problem with "Change", which is why he's complaining that people are shaking their fists "in the face of Change". "Sling shame and blame in the face of anyone who doesn't say what you say, see what you see, read what you read, think what you think, and do what you do how you do what you do... we're sick and tired of your pervasive propensity.. to hide the light, nitpicking every single pixel of God's brilliant picture, seeing only your side and only Black and White. So scared to death of difference...." It's clear who he's talking to... and they're in the Church, not in the World. "Hey Haters, I hate to break this to you, but your day is done." is a chilling statement from someone claiming to be a "Christian pastor"

  • 2016-04-27T02:08:23

This has done more to inform my perception of this man than anything else he's ever done. Frankly, all I see here is the accuser of the brethren. I stay away from this man and whatever he says... far, far away. The Word of God is not meant to be interpreted in any other way than the way it was given by God and by Christ. Sin is evil, God hates both Sin and Evil, Sin and Evil separate each of us from God. If you want to be close to God, then you need to find a way to take care of the Sin and Evil: Jesus Christ. If it weren't THAT bad, then we wouldn't need any of the Scripture. This is the manifesto of the purge of believers in the fundamental truths of the Word of God.

  • 2016-04-25T20:59:53

Publicly insisting one does not need approval is, well, publicly insisting that one DOES need approval.

  • 2016-02-10T00:55:15

Good job on the objectification montage for the intro. Not awkward at all. /s

  • 2015-11-02T00:07:22

There are a lot of lively teachers out there..... measure against what scripture teaches. A good deal of the NT was written warning against false teachers.

  • 2015-11-01T18:04:58

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  • 2015-11-01T16:28:45

This video is about SF only. He is immature and that is not surprising. He does not even mention the gospel or Christ even once. He should follow the example of how to address critics in the Book of Acts and the letters from the Apostles. Paul had critics and they wanted to get to Paul in prison. But, Paul said as long as they are preaching Christ from bad motive or ill gotten gain , "Christ is preached". SF has plenty of examples in the bible which he does not teach. He is mostly interested in talking, raising emotion and and getting attention. SF go sit under a mature leader and mature please. God is not in a hurry neither should you

  • 2015-11-01T11:15:22

Not much scripture, but he's a lively one. Going to watch more of his stuff before I make an opinion

  • 2015-11-01T09:15:00

sorry, but you heard him say Christ is the new Hope? Did he even mention Jesus?

  • 2015-11-01T09:11:10

Out of context? You must have not received proper training in Hermeneutics because if you knew about context, I would think you would know this guy is a false teacher.

  • 2015-11-01T09:09:10

Don't tell me, but you must think that Matthew 7:1 means not to judge people. You probably also believe it's sinful to judge, right? If so, google the word hermeneutics and principles of interpretation. Reading in context is important, and discernment is needed so you don't fall for this kind of balony. His garabge is the same garbage that comes from Bethel Church, and the New Apoostalic Reformation Churches. False faith healers, followers of Kudalini Spirits, Grave sucking, and Angelic Feathers. Stay away from false self proclaimed prophets and apostles.

  • 2015-11-01T09:04:46

Where was Jesus in his message? And why so hateful? That guy is a wolf that looks like a wolf.

  • 2015-10-06T18:26:34

He should be deeply embarrassed by this ridiculous video. He's using the same logic that every liberal theologian and heretic throughout history has used when confronted on their false doctrines. If you want to call me a "hater" for opposing false teaching, then by all means do, I am filled to the brim with hatred of that.

  • 2015-09-10T16:09:27

Mystic manipulator. Frank Wallace pegged your kind. Neocheater. lol. Good luck false prophet.

  • 2015-09-07T00:29:33

I am sure he believes what he spews. Like Scientology, Jim Jones and David Koresh. What's up with the outer space shot behind him? Very surprised he wore a coat (of many colors) Condemn the world and follow me. He is very scary!!! He one thing for sure...............High Dollar!!